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Device Pitstop is a one of a kind computer franchise that is committed to the green way of life. We offer an economically and environmentally attractive option to buy, sell or trade laptops. By offering computer repair and refurbished computers, we make sure that every customer gets the most out of each computer purchase.
Given the reality that all computer technology becomes obsolete sooner or later, it is a given that we all need to upgrade our laptops periodically. What do we do with our old laptops? It seems irresponsible to just throw it away and if it is obsolete, it does not fetch us much in the used-computer market. Here is where Device Pitstop comes into the picture. You can bring in your old laptops and get a trade-in quote. Remember, we take in even computers that no longer work. So, you get the triple jackpot of getting a price cut on a new buy, a clean way of getting rid of an unwanted computer and knowing that you did something environmentally good and correct. Find a Device Pitstop near you whether you want to buy or sell a laptop.
We sell laptops which have been retrofitted in-house or those which have been re-certified by manufacturers or vendors. This allows us to offer laptops to match very low budgets. All our laptops come with a 90-day warranty and you can also opt to buy extended warranties. All the computers we sell have been thoroughly tested; while you may be getting a re-worked computer, you can rest assured that it has been taken care of by the best-in-the-business.
Device Pitstop is also a computer repair franchise. This means that whether your computer needs minor tweaking or major refurbishing, we are the answer to your computer repair problems. We offer desktop computer repair and laptop repair. If your computer can be resurrected and made effective and efficient, we will do it for you. This again is another way of demonstrating our commitment to helping you be green. By making every effort to make your computer last longer, we ensure that you are being a responsible consumer who is not discarding a functional piece of equipment.
We at Device Pitstop understand customer anxieties about privacy and security when it comes to selling or trading-in a computer. We wipe hard-drives clean and follow stringent standards on ensuring that know customer's private information is accessible through their computer. If you trade-in with us, we can help your transfer important files from your old laptop to a new one thereby making the transition smoother. Device Pitstop is not just about newer technology but it offers computer services in all its various forms. 
Device Pitstop will assess the value of your computer for free and any diagnostic service for repair is also free if you choose to repair or trade-in that machine with us. This makes it a no-brainer to take your old or defunct computer to a Device Pitstop near you today. You will get an idea of what it will take to fix it or how much you can get for it either by selling or trading in – the appeal of Device Pitstop is that it is a simple and painless way to deal with a sick or dead computer! We offer competitive pricing for repair which means that even if you choose to keep the computer we can have it up and running for a lesser price than our competitors. Find a Device Pitstop near you at and contact us today for further information. Walk into any of our stores and we can guarantee you personalized attention and an answer to your computer problems!
Does the idea of Device Pitstop appeal to you? Does it fit in with your world view of recycling through re-use? We are looking for people interested in our computer services franchise. You do not have to be technologically competent to take on a Device Pitstop franchise. Our focus is on people committed to delivering quality customer service. Device Pitstop is committed to offering consumers financially and environmentally responsible choices when it comes to dealing with their old laptops or buying a newer machine. The number of computers in each household and the current technological environment, which almost makes it necessary for many people to upgrade often, means that our computer re-sale and repair business is in a good phase. Come join us in our growth.  Device Pitstop is a retail franchise business in the cusp of major expansion. The company which was started in Las Vegas, Nevada, is all set to become a national brand.
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