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Pokemon Go Increases Foot Traffic at Device Pitstop Maple Grove

Check out this article from techrepublic.com about how Device Pitstop Maple Grove is one of the businesses drawing in techie crowds with Pokemon Go.

Device Pitstop store front

By Brandon Viliarolo

Pokemon Go: Real examples of businesses that have turned it into a moneymaker

Pokemon Go recently hit 100 million downloads, and the number keeps growing. Find out how these businesses turned the craze into increased exposure.

There are now more daily Pokemon Go users than Facebook visitors—that’s how you know it’s a real phenomenon. Facebook makes it easy to increase exposure and profits, so surely there must be a way for Pokemon Go to give your organization a bump—and there is.

There are a lot of businesses out there that have found novel ways to turn Pokemon Go players into customers and clients, even without a storefront. Take a look at these reports from businesses large and small—you might see something that is perfect for you.

Retail and restaurants

Device Pitstop, an electronics buy/sell/trade business, dropped a lure in front of their Maple Grove, MN, location and offered free charging cables to visitors who stopped by that day. By paying to boost the exposure of a Facebook post regarding the event they saw a huge increase in foot traffic—100 more people than usual came into the store on the day of the event.

Tasty Burger, an east coast restaurant chain, noticed that their Harvard Square location was a PokeStop. To draw more players into the restaurant they decided to give away a free order of tater tots to anyone who caught a Pokemon at their stop and showed a photo to the cashier.

Businesses you wouldn’t expect

The list of shops and restaurants taking advantage of Pokemon Go is endless, but they aren’t the only people who can benefit from the trend.

IT services company Nerdio has been working with their clients on an interesting way to get exposure. Nerdio is giving clients like comic shops and arcades a $10 weekly budget to use on lures, and when players catch a Pokemon at the location they can post it on social media with the business name and Nerdio tagged. Each post is an entry for a gift card to the business where the Pokemon was caught.

Even online tutoring marketplace Preply is getting in on the game. They’ve allowed users to sign up as Pokemon Go tutors, creating a marketplace for people who want help learning to play the game. With rates ranging from $2 to $42 per hour there seems to be a lot of money to be made in teaching people to play a simple mobile game.

Boston performing arts festival Outside The Box estimates they drew in an additional 1,000 people per day by dropping lures all over Boston Common during the festival. They tweeted about it a bunch and dropped new lures every 30 minutes, making sure people moved around the grounds and the whole festival got exposure.

IP camera manufacturer Vimtag has managed to gain exposure too. They started a contest for camera owners who snapped photos of people playing the game, and winners were able to receive cash prizes, free cameras, and deep discounts on premium products.

As if that wasn’t niche enough, PRO Housekeepers, a small cleaning and maid service from Tampa, FL, has drawn in a bunch of foot traffic thanks to lures. Increased foot traffic has led to more clients to the tune of almost $2,000.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. If you have a storefront you should invest in a Pokemon lure, which can be purchased inside the app. Yes, they cost money, but a whole bunch of businesses have seen increased foot traffic because of them.
  2. Just because you’re not making sales doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from exposure. If people are stopping by they’re going to remember your name and potentially become customers or clients in the future.
  3. Even if you aren’t selling something you can still make money or gain exposure from Pokemon Go—it just takes a little creative thinking to figure out a way to make a mark!

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How Upscale Resale Has Created a Booming Niche in American Retail

This article, originally published on huffingtonpost.com, mentions NTY Franchise as a growing company in the booming resale industry. Read on to learn why franchising a resale store is such an appealing option for entrepreneurs:

Huffington Post graphic for NTY mention resale article
Graphic courtesy huffingtonpost.com

By Yatin Khulbe

It goes without saying that finding the right balance between a successful retail strategy and an approach that sets yourself apart can be a big challenge.

After all, an increasing number of new businesses fail each year while attempting to break into the seemingly impenetrable arena of modern retail.

The wall of the booming big box and major brand monoliths isn’t entirely impenetrable, however. Surprisingly, a number of upcoming retail contenders and franchises have taken an unorthodox approach to the resale market in recent years.

They prefer to focus on cultivating an upscale atmosphere and level of service usually reserved for their conventional and big brand counterparts.

So how did “resale retail” go from a budget niche to a booming new brand of resellers with increasing interest and profit margins?

Here are some of the points which encouraged resellers in coming up with smart and unconventional strategies in recent years:

Flexible Points of Entry

The unique nature of upscale resellers as an up-and-coming industry often mean that aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into store management or ownership can enjoy more substantive options to finance a small business.

The availability of franchise opportunities among national resale parent companies has skyrocketed recently.

Resale is a multi-billion dollar a year industry because it attracts the consumers from all economic levels.

Why are buyers are excited about resale deals?

The answer is simple.

Everyone wants to save money on consumer goods and utilize it for vacations, child education, retirement funds, and various family activities.

Breaking into franchise management can traditionally serve as a safer starting point for those getting their start in ownership across a variety of industries.

Companies looking to expand the influence of their existing resale branding have substantially increased the availability of options for management newcomers in recent years.

What does it mean?

A minor nest egg can be invested with a greater range of strategies for those looking to make the most out of their existing experience in retail and business.

Unfortunately, the majority of small businesses generally won’t expect to yield profit margins in the first months (or even years) of operation.

If a budding retail entrepreneur doesn’t find this initial period of low profits viable or attractive, a partnership with an existing upscale resale franchise can often provide valuable options for getting the ball rolling.

Consistent Consumer Experience

Traditional resellers have often relied on lower than standard profit margins and nonprofit dichotomies focus on providing a service to the local community.

On the other hand, upscale resale stores concentrate on consumer experience by understanding the needs and desires of their buyers.

Modernized resellers provide no restraint shopping experience to the customers. It allows for more competitive price points while still retaining the attractive benefits of a resale outlet experience. Resale businesses with a focus on this above-par shopping experience include growing resellers such as NTY (New To You).

Why modern resellers overpower traditional counterparts?

It’s win-win for both the parties.

Consumers lock down lower prices while still enjoying the experience and atmosphere that come with new goods retailer.

The benefit doesn’t extend solely to customers.

The smooth shift towards an upscale customer experience means that owners and franchisees can expect to enjoy an operative experience and keep up with the steadily rising revenue of retail frontrunners as well.

Strong Support Systems

Breaking into uncharted territory doesn’t mean that resale franchises are going alone. In fact, a vast majority of resale stores rely on the framework of support networks that allow them to fall back on training opportunities, marketing materials, and more.

The main question arises:

Why are they helping each other?

A range of prospective overhead costs is saved which require a lion’s share of time and money.

As a result, this support mechanism allows room for innovation.

Lower Overall Risk When Taking the Leap

The idea of kicking off small businesses looks very attractive, but it often leads to lower than anticipated profits. The standard new retail venture without well-timed market research means failing within the first year or even less timeframe.

On the more optimistic flip side, from the very beginning, resale retailers break into the market with the convenient advantages.

For example, reliance on inventory that stems from donated clothing, furniture, or even the computer hardware take away the pain of investing in new stocks.

Without investing deeply in product purchases on the front end, the same investment can be allocated for primary concerns such as property and operation overheads.

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