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Device Pitstop photo of smartphone on wood table

Gently-Used Smartphones for Tweens

It seems that the average age for a child to receive his or her first cell phone gets younger by the minute. Now, that’s not to say that someday soon you’ll walk down the street and see a baby in a stroller texting his buddies about their upcoming playdate, but at the rate smartphones are trending, you never know.

Device Pitstop baby holding older smartphone and smiling

What is common today, however, is more and more tweens are getting smartphones. So parents are faced with the dilemma of, first of all, deciding whether or not to say yes to their kid’s begging (and there will no doubt be begging), and then determining how much to spend on a smartphone for a 10 to 12 year old that may not fully appreciate the care and responsibility required for such a fragile, expensive device.

The solution? Purchase a gently used, slightly older smartphone from Device Pitstop. You’ll save a bundle on the price of the phone, and if it does get damaged, Device Pitstop is available to repair it—for less!

According to Robert Molberg, store manager for Device Pitstop in Minnetonka, MN, smartphone repair, specifically fixing a cracked screen, is one of the most common repairs done in the store. He also says that he often sees parents bringing in their tween’s phone multiple times for different repairs including, of course, screen replacement.

So maybe it’s not a matter of if your child breaks his or her phone, but when. With a gently used, slightly older model from Device Pitstop, they’ll be happy with their first smartphone and you’ll have peace of mind. It’s a win-win!