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Laptops give us the freedom to work on our computer anywhere we want to. This kind of flexibility gives us many options in both our business and personal life. At Device Pitstop, we sell all brands of laptops in our store. Whether it’s a MacBook, MacBook Pro, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, IBM, HP, Asus, Dell or Acer—we sell them!

Device Pitstop has exceptional customer service and we work hard to make sure that the laptop or MacBook you buy fits your needs. And the laptop or MacBook you purchase will be like-new, gently-used, or refurbished – and in great condition. We don’t even let you walk out the door with a new laptop or MacBook unless it meets our high standards.

Any laptop or MacBook that you purchase at Device Pitstop is backed up by our certified warranty. And in case there are issues later on, we also offer extended service plans. Everything that we sell at Device Pitstop is thoroughly tested and audited through our in-house DPS Certification process, so you can purchase your like-new laptop or MacBook with confidence. We stand behind all of our MacBooks and laptops and offer you great service, high quality – and a like-new, gently-used laptop at the best price possible.

The brands we sell are listed below, but if there’s a laptop you’re looking for that isn’t listed, give your local Device Pitstop a call. Our inventory changes often, so we might just have one in stock.  A gently-used laptop or MacBook can be found at a much lower price than retail – and we guarantee that it will be a reliable laptop. It’s that kind of quality commitment that makes Device Pitstop the best place to purchase a gently-used MacBook, MacBook Pro, or laptop.


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Various Brands

  • Various Brands Laptop Computers