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The secret to better, faster iPhone battery replacement

device pitstop iphone battery replacement

The secret to better, faster iPhone battery replacement

Apple tried to keep it under wraps for a long time, but the news is out – you can replace your iPhone battery to keep your phone running in top condition for much longer.

But if you attempt to see a “genius” at your local Apple store, you will likely be out of luck. Reports of long waits for appointments, out of stock parts and spotty customer service are everywhere leaving frustrated iPhone users even more discouraged.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We found the secrets to better, faster iPhone battery replacement.

* Price matching

If your iPhone is out of warranty, Apple will charge $29.99 to replace your battery for most models. If you need a new iPhone battery, don’t overpay! Find someone who will replace the battery and match Apple’s price.

* Warranties

Never have your iPhone battery replaced without having a warranty on the battery. Look for a 90-day warranty so you’re appropriately covered for a generous length of time.

* Convenience  

A visit to the Apple store often comes with multiple headaches – finding a place to park, endless waiting in line, battling crowds, out of stock parts, a long wait to get your phone back and more. And that’s if you can get an appointment in the first place!

Or you can just come in to your local Device Pitstop location at your convenience. No appointment is necessary, there are no lines to wait in, our products are in stock and we can replace your iPhone battery today.

* Service above and beyond

Don’t settle for being ignored when you can work with a company that prides itself on great customer service. Give us two hours at Device Pitstop and we’ll run a full diagnostic before and after your battery replacement. If there are any other issues with your iPhone, we’ll be able to discuss with you and determine how we can help make your device as good as new.

If your iPhone is running slowly and you’re not yet ready for a replacement, take advantage of iPhone battery replacement and prepare to be amazed when your phone is as good as new again.

A quick trip to your local Device Pitstop store is convenient, cost effective and you can expect top notch service. Stop into the Maple Grove Device Pitstop and get your iPhone battery replaced today – no appointments, no hassle.