Repairs That Can Make Your Device Seem New Again!

At Device Pitstop we offer great deals on gently-used, refurbished desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones…but we also offer repairs that are guaranteed on the devices you already own.

It’s an awful feeling when your tablet gets dropped or your smartphone’s screen cracks. No matter what damage has happened to your device, at Device Pitstop we can probably fix it! 

Device Pitstop graphic with smartphone screen shattering and text that says we can manage the damage and a Device Pitstop logo

Bring your damaged device in to Device Pitstop and we can take a look at it and do our best to fix it for you…and we’ll back up that repair with a solid guarantee! Because just because something looks like it has been shattered, doesn’t mean it can’t still be put back together and be good as new again!