Fast, Affordable Tablet Repair in Owensboro

Web surfing, checking email, shopping, watching videos, playing games, having 27 apps open at a time – the ways we use our tablets are virtually endless. So when your iPad has an issue, you want it taken care of right away so you can get back to your favorite activities. Bring your iPad (or other tablet) to Device Pitstop, Owensboro, and we’ll repair it right the first time, guaranteed.

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Service Rates

Our Tablet Repair Process

Our process is simple. Just bring your tablet in and we’ll take care of you. Make sure to bring your adapter, too. Our staff will greet you and a brief discuss over what you want is the issue will be had.

Next, a certified technician will take your tablet to the back and run some diagnostic tests to determine the true issue. Once we have an idea what’s going on, we’ll get back to you with pricing and a timeframe.

If you’re good to go on the timeline and cost, we’ll start fixing your tablet correctly. Most users have their tablet back within one hour to five days – depending on the issue and if we need to order parts.

That’s all there is to it. Bring your device into our store. We’ll figure out what’s wrong. Let you now the deal. Then we’ll fix your device as quick as we can. Not to mention – we’ll make sure to repair the gadget properly the first time.


There’s no need to lug around a broken tablet any longer. Bring your iPad or Surface Pro into Device Pitstop. We’ll repair your device properly the first time. Quick turnaround, professional customer services, and reasonable costs always come standard. Not to mention we also sell refurbished tablets as well. Customers trade in their tablet for cash, we repair it, then sell it, good as new!

Other Devices We Repair:
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Game Consoles & Drones

Cracked iPad repair

If you’re having an issue with your tablet, we can fix it. Just bring it into our Owensboro store. Our professionally trained technicians have seen it all.

Tablet Repair Services Offered

Common repairs we do include:

  • Power Button Issues
  • Glass Replacements
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Camera Replacement
  • Home Button Issues
  • Headphone Jack Repairs
  • LCD Repairs and Replacements
  • Volume Button Repairs
  • Charger Port Repairs
  • Vibrator Repairs
  • Microphone Repairs
  • Ear Speaker Issues
  • What Damage Repair

The list above is simply a sampling of what we can repair on your iPad or tablet. The list is not comprehensive. If you’re having a problem, but it’s not listed above – still bring your tablet in. We’ll be able to repair your tablet no matter the issue.