Our Guarantee

At Device Pitstop, we stand behind every item we sell and every service we provide. Each device goes through a thorough and rigorous testing process to ensure the highest quality at an affordable price.
All Pit Crew technicians go through a hands-on certification and training process.

Every PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, device and all accessories we sell carry our certified Device Pitstop warranty. Any factory recertified products carry a manufacturer’s direct warranty.

Batteries are not included in the warranty due to their perishable nature. Software is also not included in the warranty due to third party viruses and malware. Device Pitstop does carry discounted batteries as well as anti-virus software.

Device Pitstop also offers extended service plans (ESP).

All services and repairs are performed in-house

Device Pitstop does not ship your device to another location, our certified Pit Crew technicians perform all repairs and services in-house to ensure fast and reliable repairs. When you bring your device in for evaluation and repair, we will contact you with a quote prior to making any repairs. The Pit Crew completes all services as quickly as possible, but same day priority services are also available if you need rapid repair.

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