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Want to trade your older electronics in for store credit on a newer and better model? Device Pitstop makes it easy for you to trade your used laptops, computers, smartphones or tablets for a trade-in credit that is generally higher than the amount you would be able to get for that item in cash. And even if the device is not working, you may still be able to get credit for it for the parts!

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It’s simple: Just bring in your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet to Device Pitstop along with its AC adaptor. One of our knowledgeable associates will test and evaluate your device to determine its condition as well as the demand and/or parts value for that particular device. The trade-in value you are quoted will depend on those factors, as well as the manager’s discretion.

But What About My Data?

If the laptop, smartphone, computer or tablet you wish to trade in still has some of your data on it and you wish to get a backup of that data before we wipe it from the hard drive, let us know — we can backup your data for a small fee. Then it will be as if the data was never there, so there’s no need to worry about your personal information.

We regret that we cannot offer trade-in quotes over the phone — one of our associates will need to physically inspect the device, and there are also many factors that go into determining the value (such as condition and demand) so we only offer trade-in credit in person.

Device Pitstop makes it easy to trade your used devices for store credit. So gather up all those older computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and save money on a faster, newer model from our wide selection!

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