Virus Removal Services in Newport News, VA

At Device Pitstop Newport News we provide expert Virus Removal for the toughest Trojan, Adware,
Virus, Malware and Spyware infections. Our full virus removal service includes a full cleaning and
optimization of your system, plus a one-year subscription to our managed Antivirus & Anti-Malware
service. We also install needed Windows and Software Updates.

Ways to know your computer is infected:

1. Pop-Up Ads

Seeing pop-ups when your browser is not even open is usually a sure sign that your computer is
infected with adware, spyware, or malware. The pop-up typically indicates that it detected a
virus and attempts to lure you to a website to download even more malware.

2. Fake emails

Email is a common method for spreading viruses. Malware will attempt to further propagate by
sending emails with links to individuals in your contacts. Check your sent folder: if you see items
you did not send this could be a sign that your computer is infected.

3. Locked Computer

You received a message while surfing the internet that indicating that your computer has been
locked and you need to call a number and pay a fee to unlock your data. If you get a message
like this never call the number. The first thing you should do is disconnect your computer from
the internet and power it off. This is considered ransomware and your data has likely been

4. Built-in Operating System Tools not accessible

Some viruses and malware will attempt to keep you from removing it from the computer by
limiting access to the control panel and task manager.

5. Slow Computer

Does it take longer than normal for your computer to boot up? Taking to long for programs to
start? Malware is known to slow down your operating system, internet speed and/or the speed
of your applications.

6. Excessive Hard Drive Activity

If your hard drive exhibits excessive activity even when you are not using it or downloading, this
could be a sign of malware

7. Running out of Hard Drive Space

Check to see if your physical storage space has been decreasing lately or if files have
disappeared or changed their names. Malicious programs may fill up all available space on the
hard drive and cause it to crash.

8. Changes to Browser

Your home page has been changed without your known approval. You notice additional
tollbars. You try to access a website that you’ve frequented and are redirected to a different

9. Antivirus software is disabled

Some types of malware are designed to disable antivirus and antimalware solutions. Even if they are not disabled malware may block your software from receiving updates.

10. Frequent System Crashes

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death appears when your system crashes. Malware can change
registry keys and remove key information that the operating system needs to function properly.

You may ‘know a guy’ that claims he can remove the virus and malware on your computer but beware!
Often individuals will remove the main virus files while leaving hidden trojans that will return later to
infect your device again. Our thorough virus removal process coupled with our included Anti-Malware
service is the ultimate weapon against all Internet threats.

What we do:

Our service consists of scanning your system with multiple virus removal and system cleaning programs.
In addition, we manually inspect the system to ensure all traces of malware are removed.
We do a system cleaning, tune-up and install necessary Windows and software updates. Viruses will
often find their way onto your computer because critical updates were not performed on your system.
Failing to update your software with necessary patches after cleaning your system is like leaving the
front door of your house wide open when you leave for work! Ensuring that Windows and programs like
Adobe and Flash Player are updated will aid in preventing future infections. As part of our tune-up
service we check recent application crashes, startup applications, device manager, hard drive health,
and battery health.

Ways to protect your system:

  • Don’t click any suspicious pop-up windows
  • Don’t answer unsolicited emails/messages
  • Be careful when downloading free applications
  • Use antivirus/antimalware software
  • Back up your computer

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