New Water-Resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 Tested

Many of us are anxious to test out the water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. The article below from discusses its features and what it’s supposed to withstand, and it also includes a video test of the new phone submerged under water. Read about it below, or you can see the original article on

Device Pitstop Galaxy S7 next to jar of water
Photo from Tech Times video.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Is Perfect For Aquaman: This Smartphone Survives 16-Hour Underwater Torture Test

By Aaron Mamiit Tech Times

Ever since Samsung revealed that the Galaxy S7 Edge is once again waterproof after the feature was missing from the company’s Galaxy S6 line, users have been eager to test if the smartphone will survive underwater.

Samsung said that the Galaxy S7 Edge, along with the Galaxy S7, are IP68 certified, with the company claiming that the smartphones will not be damaged by being placed underwater for 30 minutes at depths of up to 5 feet.

Earlier in March, YouTube user Harris Craycraft tested the waterproof feature of the Galaxy S7 Edge by first submerging the smartphone in a bowl of water for 20 minutes. The Galaxy S7 Edge continued to operate fine afterwards, and so Craycraft proceeded to the second part of his test.

Craycraft used the Galaxy S7 Edge to shoot a short movie while swimming in a pool, and the smartphone was shown to not have suffered any damage from the dip.

Unbox Therapy, however, prepared another challenge for the Galaxy S7 Edge, as it dipped the smartphone in a jar of water for 16 hours and 36 minutes.

Once the smartphone was taken out of the jar, it was shown to still be operating as if it was not just dipped in water for more than half a day.

It should be noted though that the water inside the jar is not exerting any significant pressure on the smartphone, despite the Galaxy S7 Edge being submerged for more than 16 hours. It remains to be seen what kind of damage such a long time of being underwater would do to the smartphone if it was at a depth of 1 meter or more.

The Galaxy S7 Edge sure has been seeing a lot of torture. Just last week, the smartphone was subjected to the hydraulic press test, which, as the name suggests, involves placing the Galaxy S7 Edge between two massive, crushing slabs of metal.

There is, of course, no need to ask if the Galaxy S7 Edge survived that one. And, yes, that’s the reason this smartphone is perfect for Aquaman.

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