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Why pay premium prices from a big box retailer or carrier store for a brand new phone when you can save hundreds with a similar phone? Carriers are offering “upgrades and discounts” for monthly fees, however these come with hidden costs. You end up paying over inflated prices for your phone. Sure, it’s new, but wouldn’t you rather pay one low price for a like new phone?

At Device Pitstop Minnetonka we can set you up with a gently used and fully functional cell phone that fits your budget and your needs. Our selection of gently used & refurbished electronics can help save you money and headaches with a reliable phone for an affordable price. Each phone goes through an extensive diagnosis as well as IMEI and background checks.

If you buy a phone from us you can be sure it is ready to go. If you need to transfer data from your old phone to your new phone a Pit Crew member can help.

Whether you are looking for the most recent phones or are looking for an older model we can take care of your needs at Device Pitstop! Looking for an older iPhone for the first phone for your child, we have you covered! Come take a look at our phone selection for affordable prices. Our inventory is constantly changing due to the nature of buying and selling so be sure to check in with us often to get the best phones and deals!


When we buy our phones, we start by testing them for full functionality and to ensure they are ready for resale. IMEI or serial numbers are checked to ensure that the phone is completely clean and ready for the next owner. Then, each phone is put through a rigorous diagnostic process including testing the battery, digitizer, front and back cameras, speakers, microphone, volume buttons, power button, home button, touch ID, and software. Anything that isn’t working properly will be replaced or repaired, ensuring that all functions are restored. We make sure that iPhones are iCloud unlocked, Android phones are account unlocked, and completely restore the phone to original settings. You will have a like new phone at a fraction of the price of a new one.

Smartphones Good As New

At Device Pitstop, we ensure our phones are working in peak condition with a fresh installation so that you can buy our smartphones with confidence! We offer a 30 day warranty for anything that is not as described so you can buy your phone knowing it will work or your money back. Buying a used phone can be scary and come with unexpected surprises. Buying from Device Pitstop takes these worries and makes them a thing of the past. We take the guesswork and the what-ifs and make sure you have a working phone by taking care of all the hypothetical problems. Come talk to a Pit Crew member today to find the phone that is right for you.

Once you’ve selected a quality gently used phone from Device Pitstop Denver it’s time to think about protection. We know that accidents happen. We have fashion and protective cases for most brands. If we don’t have it, we can get it for you. We carry brands like Otterbox, Lifeproof, and Nimbus 9, giving you many color and style options to protect your phone. In addition to a good case we always recommend a tempered glass screen protector. We’ll install it for you at no additional cost and even replace it for you for free if it ever breaks. Device Pitstop Denver also has you covered for all of your charging needs for both at home and in your car. We also have portable charging devices to keep you connected for even longer.

Device Pitstop Minnetonka also offers an extended service plan for each of your devices including cell phones. We will examine your phone, record specific information about it and explain in detail the different plans that we offer. Depending on the plan level you choose, you can get general coverage, to accidental screen damage covers, to full accidental damage coverage. Our plans are subscription-based, and pay towards different deductible levels depending on what needs to be repaired. You can keep your plan active as long as you wish, and the phone will stay covered for an indefinite period of time.

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Device Pitstop sells all major cell phone brands and consumer electronics. Whether you want the newest iPhone or the next Samsung, we have what you need. Here are a few of the popular brands we offer:

  • Apple
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  • HTC
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Believe it or not, iPhones – hold their value for a long time. So, if you’ve got a iPhone you’re not using, or you’re ready to upgrade, come to Device Pitstop and sell your iPhone for cash. Check out the reviews of our award-winning customer satisfaction on Google Review, Facebook, Yelp and Angie’s List.

If you’ve got an iPhone and you’re ready to upgrade or you need cash fast, there is no better place than Device Pitstop to sell or trade-in your iPhone. The process is quick and efficient and our offers are fair and fast.