Sell Your Used Laptop or MacBook For Cash

If you have an older laptop or MacBook you don’t use anymore, Device Pitstop is ready and willing to buy it from you.

We buy, sell, and repair most brands of laptops and will give you cash on the spot for your device. Sell us your old electronics into our store and walk out with cash in your hand. It’s that simple.

Device Pitstop even buys older laptops, too. Many times we assess the value of an older gadget and realize we can use the parts to repair other devices. Instead of letting your old laptops sit around collecting dust, visit our Minnetonka location today.

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We Buy Used Laptops

We buy and repair nearly every laptop brand. If you have an old or unwanted laptop or MacBook, bring it in. We are interested in purchasing it from you.

Why Should You Sell Your Laptop

While everyone has a different reason for selling laptops, we found a few common reasons people bring in their MacBook or an older Toshiba model. Here they are:


Sometimes you need to upgrade your laptop, but you don’t exactly have the budget. By selling your older model with Device Pitstop, you’ll now have enough funds to buy the newer version you want to upgrade to.

Collecting Dust

There’s no reason to let old laptops sit around the house collecting dust and losing all their value. Instead, many people bring them into our store and walk away with cold hard cash – essentially turning nothing into something.

Need Cash

One reason people keep selling with us is how easy and quick it is. You can bring a laptop and walk away with cash in under 20 minutes. For individuals in a pinch for cash, this can come in handy. Device Pitstop makes quick cash simple.

No matter why you want to sell your MacBook or laptop, Device Pitstop is interested. Come in today and see how much money you can get for your old model.

How Does the Process Works?

Selling laptops with us is simple. We want you to continue selling at Device Pitstop for years to come. Just gather up your old laptop or MacBook. Make sure you have your AC adapter, accessories, and all the parts.

Next, head down to our Minnetonka location. Our staff will greet you at the door and promptly begin the selling process. One of our certified technicians will take your device and begin the testing procedure to see what works and what doesn’t.

Once we know your device a little better, we’ll assign a value to it. Next, the manager will begin assessing demand. Once we understand the value and demand of your device, we’ll offer you a cash offer. We can also discuss trade in value.

At that point, you’ll be able to decide whether to sell or not. If you sell, you’ll soon walk out our door with cold hard cash.

Sell Your Used Laptop Today

Don’t delay. Bring you gently used laptop or MacBook into Device Pitstop in Minnetonka today. As we like to have computers in stock for others to purchase, we’re ready and willing to buy your device.

Walk in with an old laptop, walk out with a refurbished one, or cold hard cash!

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