Fast, Affordable Tablet Repair in Minnetonka

Tablets are so amazing! They’re so futuristic! Aaaaand my screen is cracked again… Oh no! Instead of just tapping the screen up and living with those ugly cracks on the screen, bring it into Device Pitstop, and we can get your iPad cracked glass or LCD replaced within a couple hours, and for much cheaper than you might expect!

Crushed corner on your iPad frame making the screen pop out or shatter? We can form it back into place almost like it never happened! If we had any muscles we would flex, but instead we will flex your crushed corners back into place!

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Our experts can get your iPad repaired easily! Tablet repair requires a whole different level of skill so your old part can be properly removed, framed cleaned up, and new part installed. That’s why you don’t want to have just anyone repair your iPad, but only an experienced professional, that already knows what is inside before it is opened.

Stay clear of poor work, and uncaring staff, for both you and your device’s sake. You always want to keep Device Pitstop as your one and only stop for tablet and electronic device repairs, as our prices are extremely competitive, our staff is professional and friendly, and our repairs are swift and precise. Don’t wait to get that broken glass repaired, bring it in today!

The Tablet Repair Process

When you have your tablet repaired at Device Pitstop, we will check your device over for any additional issues that might have been caused during the initial drop, so your primary issue isn’t being tunnel visioned, and other issues are not being ignored.

We will then check your tablet into our repair system which you can freely communicate through e-mail or text message with any questions or notes you need to add. We will then take your tablet in, and begin the advanced and challenging process of removing your screen so we can get at the inner workings of your tablet and replace whatever parts are having issues.

Re-assembling a tablet is unlike any other repair in the industry. Internal components have to be very carefully aligned. Adhesive has to be used in very key places to keep components in-place and solid.

When repairs are complete you will be contacted and your unit will be fully repaired ready for long term use! We will also keep an active record of your repair for any future repairs, so there will never be any confusion if the repair which is covered under our part guarantee has any problems.

Worried about future drops? Why not get a new case for your ipad to strengthen its impact resistance during accidental drops?

Cracked iPad repair

If you’re having an issue with your tablet, we can fix it. Just bring it to our Minnetonka store. Our professionally trained technicians have seen it all.

Tablet Repair Services Offered

Common repairs we do include:

  • Power Button Issues
  • Glass Replacements
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Camera Replacement
  • Home Button Issues
  • Headphone Jack Repairs
  • LCD Repairs and Replacements
  • Volume Button Repairs
  • Charger Port Repairs
  • Vibrator Repairs
  • Microphone Repairs
  • Ear Speaker Issues
  • What Damage Repair

The list above is simply a sampling of what we can repair on your iPad or tablet. The list is not comprehensive. If you’re having a problem, but it’s not listed above – still bring your tablet in. We’ll be able to repair your tablet no matter the issue.