Cash For iPhones – Cash For Cell Phones

If you’re considering getting a new iPhone or Android, we’d be happy to buy your gently used smartphone for cash. At Device Pitstop, we buy all models of Android phones and iPhones.

We pay top dollar for newer models, but we also buy older versions. Outdated models still have parts we can use to repair other phones – so we can pay you in cash for your old phone.

Stop letting your old smartphones sit around collecting dust and losing value. Bring your phone into our Minnetonka location and walk away with cold hard cash. Just stop by with your used smartphone, adapter, and accessories. We’ll quickly evaluate the device and make you an offer.

What is my cell phone worth?

These are estimates only. The prices reflected below represent the highest cash price we pay, and assumes the phone is in excellent condition and is on the Verizon network. If the phone is of lesser quality and/or is locked to non-Verizon carriers, the highest price will be lower. If a customer choose store credit, the payout price increases by up to 25%.

Why Should You Sell Your Smartphone

There are many reasons to sell your smartphone. Maybe you’re ready to upgrade to the new iPhone, but cash is a little tight, and a monthly payment seems like a bad deal.

Luckily, you can sell your smartphone at Device Pitstop and get cash to put towards your upgrade instantly. No waiting. No hassles. Just cold hard cash for your gently used devices.

If you’re strapped for cash, we can have money in your hands within 20 minutes. Just come in and will get you a quote for your Android smartphone or iPhone.

How Our Process Works
Selling smartphones at Device Pitstop in Minnetonka is simple. Gather up all your old smartphones, AC adapters, accessories, and more. Next, hop in the car and head down to our store.

One of our friendly staff members will greet you when you walk in. Let them know you’d like to sell a smartphone and we’ll quickly get your device back to one of our certified technicians.

The technician will quickly assess your device. We will look to see how the smartphone is working, if all parts are made to last, and then determine the value of the model.

Once our professional technician has an estimated value for your device, a manager will take demand into account before making you an offer. You’ll receive a cash and trade-in offer for your device, and we’ll put up your refurbished smartphone for sale.

If you accept the offer, you’ll quickly have cash in your hand after a few legal formalities. It’s that easy. Walk in with your device; walk out with some money to use how you see fit.


Whether you’re tired of letting old phones gather dust or just ready for an upgrade, you can sell your devices here. Stop in, call, or email. We want to hear from you. Our professional staff at Device Pitstop is ready and willing to buy your smartphone for cold hard cash today.