Here at Device Pitstop Maplewood, we’ll pay top dollar for used electronic devices. From computers to laptops to tablets and smartphones – we’ll give you cold hard cash on-the-spot for working and non-working gadgets.

Just gather up your used devices and come down to our convenient location. Make sure you bring the AC adapter and all accessories, along with your old computers, laptops, and more. Even if you don’t think it’s worth much, there’s a chance we can still use it.

You come in, we’ll quickly determine the value of your devices, then offer you cash or store credit. The process is quick, simple, and easy. We figure out how much your old gadgets are worth and you walk away with cash in hand.

It’s never been easier to turn the old device collecting dust at your place into some cash. Come see Device Pitstop Maplewood today.


Curious is we’d give you cash for your used electronic device? If it’s electronic, there’s a pretty good chance we can use it. As the premier electronics refurbishing company in Maplewood, we need lots of devices and parts.

Common devices we buy and trade for include:

  • Smartphones: From iPhones to Androids, if you have an old working or non-working smartphone, we’ll offer you cash for it on-the-spot.
  • Laptops: MacBooks and laptops are some of our best sellers. We buy gently-used and broken models from a number of brands.
  • Desktop Computers: While laptops reign supreme these days, we still buy and trade for desktop models, too. Many businesses and designers require the power that a desktop can provide.
  • Tablets: iPads, Surface Pros, and more are all on our buying list every single day. If you have an old tablet, bring it in. We’ll make you an offer in cash.
  • Game Consoles: We also buy a number of gaming consoles, especially newer Playstations and Xboxes. If you have a console for sale, bring it in and there’s a decent chance we can make you an offer.

It’s important to note that these items are just a few examples of things we buy at Device Pitstop, bring in all your old electronics and we’ll let you know what we can buy and what we can’t. Many individuals are surprised to find out how many items we actually can purchase.

Why Should You Sell Your Used Devices?

If you’re considering selling your gadgets with Device Pitstop, just come on in. While we understand you have options when selling old electronics, there are a number of reasons our clients keep selling their old devices with us. Here are a few:

Easy & Convenient: It’s never been easier or more convenient to get cash for your old electronics that have been collecting dust at your place. You just walk in with your devices and within 30 minutes, you leave with money in your hands. It’s easy and convenient for all Maplewood residents.

Faster: There’s no five day auctions to deal with at Device Pitstop. You won’t have to ship anything. You’ll never need to wait on funds to transfer. Our process is fast and immediate. You walk in with gadgets and you walk out with cash. It’s the fastest way to sell old electronics out there.

Cold Hard Cash: While we can offer store credit, we also pay you in cold hard cash. If you need money, we can help you get it in record time. Bring in your electronics and you’ll have cash on-the-spot before you know it.

Honest Pricing: We work within the local community. We strive to build relationships and hope you’ll become a repeat customer with us. So we always price things honestly and fairly. We’ll give you top dollar for your electronics because we strive to be Maplewood’s premier used electronics dealer.

What’s the Selling Process Like?
Selling electronics at Device Pitstop Maplewood is fast and easy. It’s not really a process at all. We keep things simple and get you cold hard cash as fast as we possibly can. Here’s what happens when you walk into our store looking to sell:

You gather your old electronics, adapters and accessories up and come into our Maplewood location. One of our friendly staff members greets you and you let them know you’re looking to sell.

Your items will be taken back to a certified technician who will run manual and diagnostic testing on the items. Then the tech will determine a value for the items. Once they have a value, our manager will look at the items and comparing pricing online.

Then we will present you with a cash offer and a trade-in credit offer. You decide what you want and we print up a little paperwork. You sign and then walk away with cash on-the-spot.

It’s that simple. For the vast majority of sellers, they leave our store with cash in less than 30 minutes.