Fast, Affordable Tablet Repair in Maplewood, MN

Whether you use your tablet for entertainment or business, Device Pitstop Maplewood is here to help you repair it. From cracked screens to water damage or camera repair – our certified technicians can fix any and every tablet.

If you’re iPad or Microsoft Surface Pro is having issues, just stop by. We’ll run a few diagnostic tests to figure out what the issue is. Then we’ll have your tablet back to you within one to five business days.

Our process is simple and our prices are fair. Every one of our techs strives to get your tablet back in your hands as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Every repair done here focuses on quality.

As a premier electronics repair shop in Maplewood, Device Pitstop is thorough and always does the job correctly.

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Service Rates


While you have options when repairing your device in Maplewood, there’s no better place to get your tablet repaired than at Device Pitstop. Many of our return customers say they keep coming back to our store because:

Reliable Service: With a professional staff and certified technicians, you can count on Device Pitstop to get the job done right the first time. We strive to provide the type of reliable service that keeps every customer happy.

Certified Techs: We never let anybody but our certified technicians touch your iPad or tablet. Our techs undergo rigorous testing to ensure your device is always like-new again when you come to pick it up.

Any Tablet: While we specialize in iPad repairs and Surface Pro fixes, we can repair nearly any and every tablet brand or model. If you have a malfunctioning device, just bring it in and we’ll get it up and running perfectly.

Quick Turnaround: For most of our tablet repair services, we’ll have your device back in your hands within 1-5 days. We keep everything in-house, which makes it easy to get the repair done quickly and correctly.

Fair Prices: We never send a tech to your house or mail your tablet to a third-party repair shop. As such, our prices typically are fair and below the competition. If you need to fix your iPad, there’s no better place to do it than Device Pitstop in Maplewood.

How the Process Works

We know you like simplicity, so we make things easy here at Device Pitstop. Just bring your malfunction iPad or tablet into our store. We’ll run a few diagnostic tests and underline the exact issue with the device.

We’ll give you a timeframe and price. If all sounds good, you sign on the dotted line and we get to work. A few days later, usually between 1-5 days, we call you. You stop by our store and pick up your perfectly functioning tablet.

We make sure to show you what we fixed on this final visit. You then pay your bill and take your like-new tablet back home.

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Stop settling for a malfunctioning tablet! Bring your gadget into Device Pitstop Maplewood and one of our certified techs will fix it quickly and correctly. Our repair work is guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

Other Devices We Repair:
Computers & Laptops
Cell Phones
Game Consoles & Drones

If you’re having an issue with your tablet, we can fix it. Just bring it into our Maplewood store. Our professionally trained technicians have seen it all.

Tablet Repair Services Offered

Common repairs we do include:

  • Power Button Issues
  • Glass Replacements
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Camera Replacement
  • Home Button Issues
  • Headphone Jack Repairs
  • LCD Repairs and Replacements
  • Volume Button Repairs
  • Charger Port Repairs
  • Vibrator Repairs
  • Microphone Repairs
  • Ear Speaker Issues
  • What Damage Repair

The list above is simply a sampling of what we can repair on your iPad or tablet. The list is not comprehensive. If you’re having a problem, but it’s not listed above – still bring your tablet in. We’ll be able to repair your tablet no matter the issue.