Fast, Affordable Mac & PC Computer Repair in Maplewood, MN

At Device Pitstop, we know exactly how to repair your desktop computer. Whether it’s an iMac or Windows Desktop, we’ve been fixing electronics since 2003. Need a motherboard replacement or have an issue with overheating? We have the certified technicians that can get your PC back and running properly.

As the premier desktop repair shop in Maplewood, we can repair your device – no matter the issue or how old the computer is. Our only goal is to get your computer repaired quickly and properly – the first time around.

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There are a variety of reasons our repeat customers continue to fix their electronics at Device Pitstop. Here are a just a few of them:

In-Depth: We don’t just fix the problem you think you have and give you the machine back. Instead, we run a full diagnostic test on every computer we work with before and after the repair. We want to know that we found and fixed every single issue before we get your PC back to you. At Device Pitstop, we don’t believe in putting a bandaid on the issue. We want to thoroughly fix any device before getting it back to the customer.

All In-House: Our repairs services are all taken care of in-house. We never send your PC to some third-party vendor for repair. Our certified technicians handle all facets of your repair to ensure the job gets done right. This allows you the confidence to leave your computer with our professional staff.

Low Prices: We never send techs to your home or office. You have to bring the device to us. As such, we’re able to offer lower prices than competing companies who have to worry about tech mileage, car insurance premiums, and more. All things that go into your bill at the end of the day.

Done Right: Through our process, we can assure you that your PC will be fixed properly the first time. Our goal is to quickly fix your computer and have the device run perfectly for you for years to come. We don’t like repeat visits for the same device. In fact, they rarely if ever happen.

What’s the Process Like?

At Device Pitstop Maplewood, we keep our process simple. You bring in your broken or damaged computer. We run a few diagnostic tests on it and immediately determine the issue. Then we give you a cost estimate.

If all sounds good, we handle a little paperwork and you get on your way. Within one to five days, we’ll give you a call and you can come pick up your computer – in like new again condition.

Fix Your Computer Today!

Don’t suffer through another day with a broken computer! Bring your PC into Device Pitstop Maplewood and we’ll have it up and running perfectly in no time. Our professional staff is here to help you.

Other Devices We Repair:
Cell Phones
Game Consoles & Drones

At Device Pitstop, we buy, sell, and offer full-service repairs and upgrades. If your computer needs a repair, it’s almost certain we can do it.

Here is a short sampling of the repairs we offer:

  • LCD screen replacement
  • Overheating issues
  • Virus and malware removal (PCs)
  • Data backups and transfers
  • Fan replacement
  • Memory upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrades and replacement
  • Operating system installation
  • Power supply repair (Apple)
  • Full diagnostics
  • Operating System issues (Apple)
  • System optimization
  • Blue Screen Windows issues (PCs)
  • CD-ROM/Optical drive replacement
  • Webcam issues
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Video card issues

This is not a comprehensive list of our repair offerings. If you have an issue with your PC, just get in touch. Stop by, call, or shoot us an email. Our staff can answer any questions about PC repair and let you know if we can fix your device.

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