Cash For iPhones – Cash For Cell Phones

Smartphones have taken over the way we communicate these days. It doesn’t matter if you use an iPhone or an Android, there’s a good chance your smartphone is with you all day, every day. The devices are important to us.

At Device Pitstop Maplewood, we understand how vital smartphones our these days. We couldn’t live without ours, either. As such, we pay top dollar for gently-used iPhones and smartphones from a wide variety of brands.

If you’re looking to get an upgrade, need some extra cash, or just have old smartphones lying around – bring them into our Maplewood location today. We’ll quickly place a value on your device and you’ll walk away with cold hard cash in no time!


Each individual that sells a smartphone with Device Pitstop has different reasons. Some of the common reasons for selling an iPhone or Android with us include:

Ready to Upgrade: New phones can be costly. Before you upgrade, you might need to sell your old smartphone to pay for the new one. That’s where Device Pitstop comes in. We help you pay for your new phone by giving you cold hard cash for your old one.

Broken: If you have a damaged phone, we will still buy it off you. We usually can use some of the parts. If you have a working or non-working device, just bring it in. We will quickly let you know if we can buy it or not.

Sitting Around: Due to your previous contracts with major phone companies, you may have a number of old smartphones lying around the house. Instead of letting these items devalue and collect dust, just bring them into Device Pitstop. We turn your old smartphones into cold hard cash/

In Need of Money: We’ve all hit tough times. If you need cash quickly, we can help. Just bring your gently-used smartphone into Device Pitstop and you’ll walk away with cash on-the-spot. It’s that easy.

No matter the reason you’re looking to sell a Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, or Android device – we want to buy it from you. Device Pitstop is the premier buyer of smartphones in the Maplewood area.

What’s the Selling Process Like?
Our process is incredibly simple. You bring your iPhone or Android into Device Pitstop. Don’t forget to bring all the accessories and adapters, too. Tell one of our friendly staff members that you’re looking to sell.

Our staff will take your smartphone back to one of our certified technicians. The tech will run some diagnostics on the phone to see how it functions. Then a value will be attached to the phone.

The phone along with the technicians value estimate will go to our manager, who will then come visit with you. You’ll be presented with a cash offer and trade-in offer. If you want the cash, just let our manager know.

You’ll fill out a little paperwork and walk out with cold hard cash. The process usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Cash On-the-Spot For Smartphones
Those old smartphones you have lying around the house are worth something! Bring your iPhones and Android devices into our Maplewood location. Device Pitstop will give you cash on-the-spot for smartphones today.


Apple iPhone16GB32GB64GB128GB256GB
6 Plusno valueno valueno valueno valueno value
6s PlusCallCallCallCallx
7 PlusxCallxCallCall
8 PlusxxCallxCall
Samsung Galaxy 16GB32GB64GB128GB256GB
S6 EdgexxCallxx
S6 Edge+xCallxxx
S7 EdgexCallxxx
S8 NotexxCallxx
S8 Note+xxCallxx
Note 9xxxCallx
Note 9+xxxxx