We Buy Used iPads & Tablets

Tablets have changed how we use the computer. Device like iPads and Surface Pro tablets allow us to enjoy entertainment or get work done wherever we want. No need to sit at a desk. Just grab your tablet and feel free to lounge where you like.

At Device Pitstop, we understand how useful these gadgets can be. So we buy working and non-working iPads and tablets for top dollar. If you have a tablet you’re looking to get rid of, just bring it in.

One of our professional technicians will run some tests on the device and you’ll walk away with cash on-the-spot before you know it. It’s never been easier to get money in your pocket by selling your old tablet. Just stop by Device Pitstop Maplewood.


At Device Pitstop in Maplewood, we buy both working and non-working tablets. If you have a gadget you’re looking to sell, come visit us.

Even if you have a device that’s not from one of the brands above, there’s a solid chance we can use it. Device Pitstop pays cold hard cash for a plethora of tablet models and brands.

Why Should You Sell Your Tablet?

There are a variety of reasons you might want to sell your electronics. For our repeat customers, the reasons they sell with Device Pitstop often include:

Looking to Upgrade: There’s no need to hold on to an older item when it’s time for an upgrade. Many sellers get cold hard cash for their old model before they go and buy the brand new tablet they truly want.

Losing Value: Stop letting old electronics sit around your house and lose value. Bring them into Device Pitstop and we’ll give you cash on-the-spot. Money in your pocket is much better than old gadgets collecting dust.

Need Money Now: We have all been in a crunch for money. If you need some cold hard cash quickly, Device Pitstop can help. You can sell your tablet here and walk away with cash in less than 30 minutes time. It’s that easy.

These are just a few of the reasons individuals sell their old tablets at Device Pitstop. No matter why you want to sell, we’re ready and will to buy working and non-working electronics.

What’s the Process Like?

Our process is simple here at Device Pitstop Maplewood. Just gather up your old tablet, accessories, and adapters. Then head down to our convenient location. Once inside, our staff will quickly take your tablet to a certified technician.

The tech will run some diagnostic testing on your device and assign a value to it. Then a manager will look at the device and compare prices online. You’ll then be presented with an offer in cash and trade-in credit.

If you like the cash offer, you can accept it. You’ll then fill out a little paperwork before walking out the door with more money in your pocket. The whole process rarely takes over 30 minutes.

Call at (651) 493-7443 or email us for quotes on other tablets

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