What to do on Your Next Virtual Hangout

Life on the inside can get repetitive and lackluster. Right now, we are around seven months into the COVID crisis hitting Minnesota and we at the Device Pitstop of Maple Grove encourage you to keep using your virtual options to stay connected with your closest friends, family, and coworkers. Here are six fun online activities to do with your loved ones over Facetime, Zoom, Houseparty or your favorite video platform!

  1. Happy Hour – The classic and go-to choice to catch up on everyone’s weeks, jobs, latest city news, kids, etc. Not exactly an activity but many adults’ favorite events that take BYOB to the next level. Some ideas to spice up the happiest hour of the day are picking a new cocktail (Pinterest is perfect for this) and everyone trying it out at home together! 
  2. Trivia Time – Pick a fan favorite show series of the group like Friends, Game of Thrones, The Office, and find an online trivia list! Everyone can go around asking a question and the only rule is that no Googling is allowed.
  3. Book Club – A simple IRL activity to move virtually is your monthly book club! Don’t let COVID slow you down from discussing the latest thriller. Pick a new book to read every month (paperback, hardcopy, or audio) and set a date (don’t forget to send out that Zoom invite early) to discuss your favorite characters and chapters. 
  4. Game Night – Whether it’s video games, iPhone apps, card games- Cards Against Humanity came out with a virtual addition a few months back or all-time classic board games (could get tricky but give it a go) game night from afar is still possible!
  5. Cooking Class – Test out a new recipe once a month and have everyone buy the ingredients and help each other cook. Once your meal is prepared you can sit down and talk over a candlelit laptop setting. 
  6. Exercise – Get moving with your friends! Join a virtual workout class at your favorite gym with your closest friends, pick a YouTube workout video from online fitness gurus or grab your weights and switch off picking exercises to do. 

No matter how you choose to stay connected and hang out with your inner circle, keep making it a priority through these difficult times. The Device Pitstop of Maple Grove is here for you for all your tech needs, from repairs to upgrades, so you can hang out (virtually) any time of the day.