Virtually Connect with Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

VIdeo conference for the holidays
Virtual Holidays

The beloved Holiday season is coming up quickly this year. For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas Eve, and Christmas, the Holidays are looking a lot different this year in light of the global crisis of COVID-19. These holidays, Friendsgiving, and winter get-togethers are meant to spend quality time and make memories with your friends and family members. How can we do that during a pandemic that is hunting our elders and at-risk loved ones? Luckily modern technology set us up for success way before this virus hit our country! Before you click off this screen, double-check that your grandma has a laptop or computer setup and instructions on how to access the video chat app. Here are a few ways how you can celebrate your favorite holidays while keeping those you care about most healthy and safe! 

  1. The Simple Zoom Call Gathering 
    • Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype, HouseParty, etc., are the easiest ways to connect with your friends and family this November and December. Set up a call with your group and hangout the same way you would in person: over a meal or cocktails or an icebreaker game!
  2. Share a Meal Through the Mail 
    • A great addition to the idea above, share the same meal! One of the quickest ways to warm the hearts of your family and connect you all is eating the same things while you talk with one another. Each of your family members can pick a dish and send the favorite recipe and ingredients or overnight the meal to a few members. Laugh about your cooking mishaps or how each item tastes! 
  3. Watch your Favorite Holiday Movies
    • Here is where you could help your grandma, grandpa, your mother out and get them connected to Netflix Party. Watch your “tradition” movie together from the comfort of your couches! Download Netflix Party and watch the movie in real time and send funny comments in your family or friend group text. 
  4. Don’t Skip the Games
    • Most families indulge in some form of friendly competition each holiday season! From cards to board games, they are the best way to get a laugh and have some fun rivalry. 

Keep your traditions alive and stay connected to your friends and families this 2020 holiday season. The Device Pitstop of Maple Grove is here for you for all your tech needs, from repairs to upgrades, to answering any questions,  so you can celebrate together this November and December.