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Transparency in Maple Grove tech repair: Where do your devices go?

We’ve all been there – you bring your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop into a local Maple Grove specialty store for tech repair, a technician appears, you hand over your expensive piece of tech equipment and then it disappears.

Where does it go? Who is working on your device? How do you really know what is happening if it all takes place behind the proverbial curtain?

Some device repair organizations exist entirely on the internet. They have a website with instructions to mail your device somewhere with the promise that it will be repaired and returned to you, good as new. But many people shudder at the thought of bubble wrapping the piece of technology they paid hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for and sending it away to an anonymous place where anyone may have access to it and the data stored on it. Will it actually be fixed? Will you even get your device back?

Even when you bring your device into a retail location, the mystery can continue. When the technician comes out from the “back room,” you can’t see what is happening back there. They could be repairing technology onsite, it could be the break room. The person talking to you about your repairs may be doing them or could simply be placing your device into a shipping box and sending it to the person actually doing the repairs.

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With your money and your investment on the line, transparency in tech repair is important.

Need to have a laptop, phone, tablet or other device repaired? Here’s what to look for:

* Work with a retailer in person who specializes in device repair. Big box stores who offer to “do it all” often cannot do everything with a high degree of excellence.

* Look for an open concept store where you can see the technicians repairing devices. Ask if they send devices offsite for repair and, if offsite repair is necessary, ask that they let you know when, where and why they need to send your device away.

* Ask about guarantees and warrantees. If they don’t offer any, don’t work with the organization.

* Talk with your repair technician about who has access to the data on your device and how any and all data is securely handled.

Looking for tech repair experts offering total transparency and security and a warranty? Look no further than your local Device Pitstop in Maple Grove. The open concept of the store allows you to meet your repair technician and see your device being repaired onsite. Device Pitstop offers a certified warranty on our products and services and we take data security very seriously.

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