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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Tablet from Maple Grove Today

More than half of Americans own at least one tablet device, according to the latest information from the Pew Research Center. Why are tablets so popular and why is now the perfect time to purchase one in Maple Grove for yourself or for a gift?

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10 reasons you need a tablet Device Pitstop Maple Grove MNSure, you can get a basic e-reader device, but tablets like the iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab are popular with readers precisely because they’re multifunctional. It’s like having the whole world of books, magazines, newspapers and more right at your fingertips. And you can read in the dark while your partner or child is sleeping too!

* Kidding around
Speaking of kids, a tablet such as an iPad is invaluable when you have little ones. From playing games and watching colorful music videos on YouTube to keeping busy in restaurants and while traveling, tablets have become the go-to tool for today’s parents and kids.

* Creating art
Artists, illustrators, graphic designers, animators and more find that tablets are an incredible asset for their craft(s). These digital sketchbooks offer a range of apps and tools to enhance creativity and output. They’re small, they’re powerful and they offer nearly endless possibilities for creatives.

* Out and about
We all know what a pain it can be to go through airport security – removing laptops from bags, placing all your tech devices separately into bins, worrying about charging everything, someone stealing one of your devices, etc. When you need to narrow it down, bring your phone and a tablet – you can use the tablet for work, play, communications, photos, just about anything. Bonus: Tablets are smaller, they’re light and they make the perfect travel companion.

* Goodbye notebooks
Many high schools and colleges give students tablets or require they have a tablet for classwork and homework. Taking notes, custom apps, class projects and more. Tablets are a must for students today.

* Cook up something delicious
Having a tablet in the kitchen may just be what you need to whip up everything from a weeknight dinner to a holiday feast. Loaded with recipes, how-to videos and always available to answer measurement and substitution questions, tablets are the perfect kitchen accessory you may not have thought of!

10 reasons you need a tablet Device Pitstop Maple Grove MN* Backup tech
You’ve got your phone, your laptop, your camera, TV, your alarm clock and a million other tech devices. What happens when one of them stops working and you need its functionality ASAP? In addition to all the other things a tablet can do for you, it also acts as the perfect backup device for anything and everything that might go on the fritz.

* VIP service for seniors
Senior citizens often require a larger screen for reading, emails and social media. Tablets are perfect for that purpose. Easy to navigate and see, tablets are a great gift for your senior loved ones. Bonus: They help keep everyone connected!

* Mall at your fingertips
You could spend all day running errands to the mall, the grocery store and your local discount store or you could grab your iPad and, in just a few clicks, have everything you need delivered to your door. Easy to see, easy to click and you can spend more time doing things you really want to do!

* All of the above
Tablets are multifunctional and good for people of all ages and Maple Grove families. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a top-of-the-line tablet. Check out the selection of all brands at your local Device Pitstop – you’ll find everything from ASUS Zen Pads to iPads to Samsung Galaxy Tabs to meet your needs at prices that fit your budget.