Tips for Success for College and Graduating Seniors During COVID-19

2020 Graduation

This year’s graduating class is experiencing a different ending to their educational careers. Instead of presenting final projects to their peers or walking at a graduation ceremony, they end with unreliable zoom calls led by professors who don’t understand the technology and sit through endless video presentations. Young adults are being tossed out into one of the worst job markets of our nation’s history. COVID-19 has hit 18-24 year olds the hardest with debt piled up and loans to pay off for years to come. Finding a job right now is not going to be easy but here are five tips to get you one step closer to your dream job.

  • Practice Interviewing Luckily you grew up in a technology era, video chatting is nothing new to you but interviewing is. You likely will be interviewed via phone or video, and you will need to build up your phone skills. Treat a video interview exactly how you would an in-person interview. Dress professionally, clean up what the viewer can see in your background, look at the person interviewing you not yourself, and know the company you are interviewing for. If it is a phone interview, take notes during the call and have selling points about yourself or the company jogged down beforehand.


  • Stay Sharp While you are looking for either a full-time career or a paid internship, stay curious. Whether that’s doing an online class or certification in a skill, you want hiring managers to see that you are actively keeping up with trends and knowledge. Be willing to take unexpected short term work or an unpaid internship, this experience will boost your resume and can help you further down the line while you are applying and interviewing. 



  • Network Now is the perfect time to expand your professional network virtually. Reach out to people at companies you are interested in and positions you want to get into. Most working professionals are more than happy to talk about their career paths and give you advice on how to get where they are. People within your network are critical later down the line whether it’s recommending you for a position at their company, or sending you opportunities they know of, they can be a tremendous help. 



  • Be Patient The job search is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient during these uncharted times, and prepare for a slower hiring process than normal. While it’s important to be patient, also be persistent. Periodically follow up on positions you apply for and email the person you interview with after the fact. No matter how long the process takes, stay positive. 



  • Use Social Media Master LinkedIn. This is the prime place for companies to post new openings and positions at their company. Clean up your profile, add your job experience, and post your resume and other relevant school projects you may have done. 


No matter how long the process takes, be proud of yourself that you are navigating an incredible challenge at such a new phase of your life. Use your technology! If you need to upgrade your device, we are here for you. Device Pitstop of Maple Grove offers high quality, like-new refurbished and budget-friendly tech!