The Ongoing Effects of COVID in Minnesota

The United States has had almost 7.5 million coronavirus cases since the virus hit in April. Luckily Minnesota has kept our numbers low with 104 thousand total cases and minimal deaths while the virus is sweeping through the rest of the world. This pandemic has shaped 2020; restaurants have closed, phenomenal employees furloughed, shifts in industries, and more. The Device Pitstop of Maple Grove is eager to share with you how Minnesota has changed these last few months, the good and the bad. 

  • Restaurants 
    • Over 50 beloved Minnesota restaurants have closed since the pandemic started in the Twin Cities alone. Some of which have been open for 20-30 years like Moose & Sadies café and coffee shop in North Loop. On the flipside, 10 bars and eateries have opened their doors in the last three months and, there have been many announcements of new restaurants coming soon in fall/winter this year. 
  • Jobs
    • In May, unemployment rose to 9.9%, a staggering number for all including, new grads and college seniors. The Minnesota unemployment rate has dropped to 7.4% as of August and those in the market for a job are hoping companies start to open new roles and unfreeze their hiring. Need tips for landing a new job?   Read our article on getting hired during a global pandemic.
  • Home Buying
    • Apartments in the cities are OUT and homes in the suburbs are IN. The masses are moving out of the Twin Cities with the need for more space (Larger work from home setups, children learning at home), and companies located in the city staying remote. Interest rates have been at an all-time low of 2.8-3% and home building permits have risen to 650, a 38% interest from last September. 
  • Voting 
    • Arguably one of the best accomplishments of the global crisis has been the increase in voter registrations as the presidential election looms on November 3rd. 70.8% of the eligible Minnesota population is registered to vote and that makes Minnesota one of the top 10 states in voter registrations.

Want to learn what other aspects of Minnesota have been impacted by COVID-19? Here is a great article by the Twin Cities Pioneer Press .  No matter what stage you are finding yourself during these unknown times, working from home, hybrid learning, job hunting, home buying or building, use your technology. If you need to upgrade your device, we are here for you. Device Pitstop of Maple Grove offers high quality, like-new refurbished and budget-friendly tech.