Shop Smart + Shop Small

2020 has been an unprecedented year. New college grads, young professionals, grandparents, high schoolers, teachers, parents, and small business owners, to name a few, have all been affected. Small businesses have taken a hard hit with lockdowns, restrictions, and the overall economy saving their money and not indulging in daily wants. If there was ever a year to shop small for the holidays, 2020 is it.

As COVID cases are rising across the country, many states like Minnesota are shutting back down. There’s a possibility already fragile small businesses won’t make it this holiday season. True, there are few safer options for the average American consumer than to purchase everything from the comfort of one’s home. 2020 is the time to alter our typical shopping habits, even if you don’t feel comfortable going to the physical store. Instead of buying for your family on Amazon or other big box stores, look to your local boutiques, small niche stores, Etsy shops, unique online companies, or independent restaurants.

This is the year to make a difference; uplift your ailing local community. When you take a walk around your neighborhood next year, what do you want to see? This holiday season, we can permanently alter our shopping habits and give back differently. Buy local, donate, and volunteer. Let’s keep business doors open this year and for many more to come! After all, small businesses are what built America, one town at a time.