What’s my Phone, Tablet or Computer Worth?

Device Pitstop of Maple Grove pays cash on the spot for your used, cell phone, computer and tablet devices call (763) 568-7678.

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Brands We Buy
  • Apple
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  • Amazon
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  • Google
  • HP
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Various Brands
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Brands We Buy
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Sony Playstation
  • Drone Brands?


More than 90 percent of American households have three of more electronic devices in their homes. For many of us, the number is much higher and that means new electronics frequently replace those old devices. Why are they sitting around collecting dust? There’s many people willing to buy refurbished electronics and Device Pitstop will give you cash on the spot for your device.

Recycling can be a pain and cost big bucks

Most of us understand that computers, smartphones and other electronics should be properly recycles, but we rarely get around to doing it because it can be inconvenient. Waiting for once-a-year community clean-up drives, hauling equipment to county disposal sites or bringing one item at a time to a participating retailer all while having to pay is not appealing to most people.

Selling online can be a nightmare with very little upside

If your electronics are still working, listing them on a site like eBay or Craigslist is a possibility, but it also means you need to gather details, settle on a realistic price, take photos, haggle with potential buyers, deal with shipping and more.

Device Pitstop has a better way

Simply bring your electronics in to Device Pitstop in Maple Grove. We sell, repair, and pay cash on the spot for newer electronics and offer FREE recycling of older items. It can’t get any easier. Our Pit Crew quickly sorts through your items to determine the highest cash value and other electronics will be recycled for no cost.

Sell your iPhone, smartphone, computer or laptop

How do I sell my devices at Device Pitstop?

1) Bring Us Your Used Device

We buy laptops, iMacs, iphone and tablets

Bring in your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to your local Device Pitstop store (don’t forget to bring in your AC adapter and accessories). One of our Device Pitstop associates will begin the test to buy process.

Smartphones and Tablets
Smartphones cannot be locked by password or connected to iCloud. We need to verify carrier and that the customer is the current owner of the device.

2 ) We Can Give You The Cash or Trade Value

Device pitstop tech expert help trade in computer for money or cash

If the Pit Crew determines your device has a cash value, we make you an offer of cash or trade. If you accept, you will be given cash on the spot or store credit that can be used for other devices, services or accessories.

What happens to the data on my device?

When you sell to or recycle your electronics with Device Pitstop, all personal information will be removed from the hard drive. For a small fee, our Pit Crew can help you back up your personal data before it is wiped from your device.