Sell iPads

We Pay Cash for iPads

Want to sell your iPad for cash? At Device Pitstop we’ll offer a fair price for your used iPad, wipe your data and pay you cash.

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You’ve come to the right place!  Device Pitstop sells, repairs and buys iPads.  We buy most makes, models, colors and storage sizes.

Newer iPads

Maybe you just changed you bought one of the newest models but you are past your big box retail store’s return policy.   Regardless – we’d love to buy your newer iPad from you!   We’ll give you both a cash offer and a trade offer.

Older iPads

Like many Apple devices – many older iPads still have value!   We’ll give you the option of a fair cash price as well as a store credit value that equates to even more.   Store credit can be used for anything in our store including accessories, devices and any of our may repair an d upgrade services.

The Process

We’ll need 5-10 minutes to run some tests on the device before we can make you a final offer.  We are also required to check several national databases to ensure it is not locked due to carrier finance, or that it has not been reported stolen.  If all of the tests on your iPad come back that show no issues – we’ll make an offer.  If you accept the offer, we’ll want to log you out of your iCloud account and then we’ll erase all of your data.  You’ll walk out with some cash in your pocket or a bunch of store credit to use on a different device, accessory or service.