Save Money: 3 Browser Extensions You Need


Everyone likes to save a little money; moms, millennials, young professionals alike love a deal! Being driven by a pursuit of a good deal, however, can be entirely too time-consuming. With a simple Google Search, you can find hundreds of coupon codes, but are they expired, valid or legitimate? If you’re not using a promo code extension on your browser when you shop online, you are missing out on thousands of discounts, deals, and cashback opportunities. All available to the average user with the click of a button, goodbye Google search. 

Some of the best coupon extensions scour the web for deals and pop up on your screen every time you shop. Here are three leading browser extensions to help save you money and time while shopping online!

The Elite Coupon Browser Extensions

  1. Honey
    1. Honey Tests Millions Of Promo Codes So You Don’t Have To”. Honey scours the internet for deals and you just shop as usual while they do the work! They test and apply the best coupon codes at checkout before you complete your order. It’s as easy as that. The extension indicates if you are getting the lowest prices on Amazon.
  2. Rakuten
    1. Instead of coupons, Rakuten specializes in cash back. Their tagline “Stores pay us. We pay you.” As you shop you get automatically notified if there is a cash back deal available. They partner with over 2500 stores including big brand names like Target, Walmart, Lululemon, Ulta and more! Any cash back gets credited to your account and every three months, Rakuten sends you your cash back by check or Paypal.
  3. InvisibleHand
    1. InvisibleHand is a browser extension that compares prices for things like clothing, goods, flights, car rentals and more! Like its name suggests this browser stays invisible until it finds a deal. 

All three of these browsers are available on all popular web browsers including, Safari and Google Chrome. We recommend you try out any of these plug-ins and shop till you drop on your gently used, refurbished technology from the trusted, Device Pitstop of Maple Grove.