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RIP Windows 7. Are you (and your computer) ready?

Device Pitstop sells Windows 10 Laptops
Windows 7 End of Life

It was fast, it was powerful, its security was robust and now it’s time to say goodbye:

Windows 7 will officially reach the end of its life in January 2020. And while “mainstream” support for the operating system officially ended in 2015, many thousands of people (especially Windows 7 Pro users) still utilize it on a daily basis.

So, what does the end of life for Windows 7 mean for you?

“Users who continue to rely on Windows 7 after support has ended in January 2020 will be very vulnerable to viruses and security risks. Hackers will have a heyday when they find unprotected Windows 7 computers,” said Brad Swenson, general manager, Device Pitstop.

While Microsoft has been sending notifications to Windows 7 users encouraging them to upgrade to Windows 10, not every device is equipped to handle that. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as clicking an “upgrade” button and trusting that your computer will be secure and able to utilize all the features of Windows 10.

In order to update your operating system, you’ll need to know the capabilities of your processor, available RAM, hard drive size and more. And while the average PC or laptop user might be able to spend some time tracking down this information, it takes time and even then, won’t guarantee your device is able to run Windows 10.

“Device Pitstop can help businesses and consumers determine if their current hardware can be upgraded to Windows 10,” said Swenson. “If a Windows 10 upgrade is possible, we can help make the process quick and painless. Because who has hours to spend installing system updates?”

What are the options if your device does not support a Windows 10 upgrade?

“If we determine your computer won’t work with a Windows 10 upgrade, we can show you a wide array of budget-friendly options for refurbished PCs and laptops starting at just $99,” Swenson said. “We also provide free recycling services for devices that are too old to upgrade, including scrubbing all personal data from your machine.”

If you’re not ready to block out several hours on your calendar to determine if your computer, laptop or company’s network can accommodate a Windows 10 update, contact your local Device Pitstop store – they can help make the transition easy and economical. Retail locations are in Maple Grove, Maplewood, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie and Burnsville.

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