In Maple Grove? Here’s how to recycle your electronic devices - Maple Grove

In Maple Grove? Here’s how to recycle your electronic devices

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Spring cleaning, Earth Day, reclaiming space – whatever your reason is for cleaning out that drawer in your Maple Grove home filled with old phones, laptops and electronics accessories, it’s time to recycle all of your electronics.

But how do you responsibly recycle your old devices in the Maple Grove area?

Empty that drawer and bring your old desktop computers, accessories, cell phones and laptops into Device Pitstop at 13023 Ridgedale Drive.

There are two recycling options:

* First, does your device have resale value? We evaluate to determine its condition. We pay cash for laptops and cell phones! We can give you a free trade-in quote and apply any funds to your Device Pitstop purchase of a new device.

* Second, if your device can’t be repaired and needs to be recycled, we follow stringent recycling procedures and policies to ensure your old equipment is safely and properly recycled with a local, reputable facility.

When you’re ready to get rid of those old electronic devices, it’s time to bring them to the Maple Grove Device Pitstop. It’s great for the planet and good for your pocketbook!

Questions about recycling your old devices? Contact us today! We’re happy to help!