Less “stuff,” more of what your sweetie will appreciate this Valentine’s Day – here’s how

Valentines Day Ideas
Valentines Day 2020

Giant teddy bears, roses, chocolates in heart-shaped boxes – all cute trinkets, sure. But does anyone really need those things? With the world’s landfills overflowing with one-time-use “stuff,” more Americans are making a conscious effort to reduce their consumption of unnecessary items.

And while gifts wrapped in red heart paper are one way to say, “I love you,” there are ways to demonstrate your love without the gift box that your sweetheart will appreciate even more (honestly).

The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, of course, is a trip! Surprise the love of your life with a vacation or even a weekend away together. If that’s not in the budget, put some thought into planning a “staycation” they’ll love. Think like a tourist and explore your city or community with day trips to museums, historic buildings, parks, restaurants and more. After your day(s) of fun, you can sleep in the comfort of your own bed – no hotel required.

If you know your beloved has always wanted to try an experience, such as horseback riding or a climbing wall, arrange for you to have the adventure together.

It’s in the details
Most people spend a lot of time in their cars and for many of us, it shows. Dirt and grime on the outside, kid snacks, dog hair, dust and gravel on the inside. Bring your valentine’s vehicle to be detailed – inside and out – as a gift. They’ll appreciate the fresh start and that you took the time to do it for them.

Clean it out
Speaking of fresh starts: We all have junk drawers or collections of “stuff” that we hide away and never intend to use again. Give your partner the gift of lifting that burden and clean it out!

Go through your stacks of outdated or unused tech devices, for example, and bring them to your local Device Pitstop store. The expert Pit Crew members will scrub the devices of any remaining personal information and recycle anything that can’t be reused. As a bonus, you can get cash on the spot or even trade-up for newer tech devices – a two-in-one gift!

Do the chores
Everyone knows the monotony of having to mop the bathroom floor or clean up the dishes over and over. So, to show your Valentine’s Day love and appreciation, choose a chore (or two) you know your partner dreads and do that chore for a given period of time (a week, a month, etc.) Remember, you’re not just going through the motions, do the chore well so they don’t need to re-do anything.

Playing games
If you’d still like to give an item you can wrap, choose a new card or board game and organize a game night with friends as part of the gift.

This Valentine’s Day, skip the “stuff” and focus on the sentiment. Giving a practical gift experience shows a high level of care and appreciation your love will remember for a long time.


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