What should I know before an iPhone repair? - Maple Grove

What should I know before an iPhone repair?

In most cases, it totally makes sense to consider an iPhone repair.    A new iPhone fully loaded with 256GB can cost as much as $850!  An iPhone repair can cost as little $69 and as much as an unscrupulous mall kiosk or ‘dude in a car’ can charge an uninformed customer.  Here’s some recommendations for iphone repairs:

  1. Is the device currently insured?  In most cases, 3rd party insurance plans are a total rip- off (we’ll cover that topic in a future article).  But if you already have it, you should consider using it.  Just make sure you understand the deductible, the turnaround time and if you will get your original iPhone back or will it be swapped out with somebody else’s iPhone.  In many cases, the deductible may be the same or more than taking it to your trusted neighborhood repair shop!    If you have to mail your broken iPhone in for repair – the turnaround could take days or weeks.
  2. Finding a reputable repair shop – there are a dizzying number of options for repairing your broken iPhone. There are little, if any permits or certifications required for repairing iPhones – so buyer beware!  Start with a Google search – paying special to the quality and volume of customer reviews.  There are many consumer websites to assist in your search, including:  Google, Facebook, Yelp and Angie’s List.
  3. Warranty for parts and labor – Once you identify a quality shop, ask about the service warranty. You should insist on a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.
  4. Glass+LCD – some repair shops will lure a customer with a super low price – which in many cases only includes replacement of the glass. More often than not, both the glass and LCD needs to be replaced – which will likely require more money.  You should request a price for a full iPhone repair – which includes glass and LCD.

If you follow these 4 recommendations – you should have your broken iPhone back to its original glory for years to come!

-Brad Swenson (Brad is the owner of Device Pitstop, a retail store that buys, sells and repairs smart phones, tablets and computers.  Device Pitstop is the #1 ranked and reviewed repair shop in the state of Minnesota.)