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Have a broken iPad? Tablet? Device Pitstop specializes in iPad and tablet repair. Bring your device into our Maple Grove location today!

iPads are great devices!! They have big, bright screens that unfortunately can easily break when you drop it! Fortunately, Device Pitstop is an expert at iPad screen repair service. Don’t worry though, we’re experts at iPad repairs.

There are roughly $81M iPads in the US. There have been three main generations that all offered different types of cameras, colors, memory and processors. There is an iPad for almost any budget or purpose, including watching movies, checking emails or just surfing the internet.

iPads are basically giant iPhones that are made up of many complex, interworking parts. These are expensive devices that when damaged – need to be repaired by skilled technicians like those at Device Pitstop.

We can help! Regardless of the damage to your iPad, we offer affordable, quality iPad repairs.

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