How to avoid frustration from nationwide laptop shortages

Laptop Shortages
Laptop Shortages at Major Retailers

Maple Grove, MN, October 9, 2020 –
Families and schools across the United States are facing the frustration of laptop shortages recently announced by the leading computer manufacturers. So, if you’re having trouble tracking down technology to support online learning, what are your options?

Your best bet for guaranteed availability and an affordable price? Refurbished or “new to you” technology with a warranty from a reputable retailer.

“We have had many customers come in telling us about laptop shortages at the big box retailers. We have invested heavily in inventory and have three times what we’ve had during previous back to school seasons,” said Brad Swenson, Owner, Device Pitstop. “Sales of Chromebooks, Windows and Apple devices have been strong across the board.”

Device Pitstop sells the top brands of tech devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. Customers get certified, pre-owned devices, with a warranty, at a price that fits their budget.

Additionally, Device Pitstop offers cost-effective repairs and upgrades. Another option for families or educational institutions facing device shortages is to repair or upgrade the devices they do have.

“We have seen a jump of more than 50 percent in computer repairs,” said Swenson. “For newer phones and tablets in need of repair, we recently purchased a laser machine to replace the back glass – the only machine of its kind we know of in Minnesota. With wait times of more than three weeks for repairs at the Apple store and Best Buy, we can fix laptops, tablets and phones affordably and on a much faster timeline.”

Whether you purchase a refurbished laptop or need rapid repairs or upgrades to help kids with their online learning goals, Device Pitstop offers options that are proving very hard to come by at many other retailers.

Device Pitstop is located at 13732 83rd Way North in Maple Grove.