How NOT to sell your social security and bank information when you sell tech devices online


Device PItstop of Maple Grove
Device Pitstop of Maple Grove

Maple Grove, MN, September 14, 2020  – Cleaning out your closets and drawers in an effort to organize? Trying to make a little extra money selling your

old phone, laptop or tablet using an online marketplace? You’re not alone. But, did you know, the majority of people selling used tech devices online are also selling their personal information including social security numbers, bank and health information, logins, passwords and more?

Security consultant Josh Frantz recently randomly tested 85 used devices sold by their owners or third parties and found only two had the data properly deleted.

“Just think about all the information you have on your devices,” said Brad Swenson, Owner, Device Pitstop. “Personal documents, photos, financial information…the list is nearly endless. If you are selling your old device online and simply delete your files, it’s not enough. Just about anyone can recover those files and use or sell your sensitive, private information. Most people don’t realize all they’re losing when they sell their devices themselves.”

Swenson is not surprised by the results of Frantz’s research. As a premier retailer of high-quality refurbished tech devices and a top electronics recycler, he and his staff guarantee the full, unrecoverable wipe down and deletion of all information from any tech devices refurbished, sold or recycled by Device Pitstop.

“For devices meant for recycling, we physically destroy the components with information. For those devices we refurbish, we perform a full system erase,” Swenson said. “And, if you’re interested in fully wiping the data off your computer, tablet or phone before bringing it in to sell or trade-up at Device Pitstop, just call your local store and a member of the Pit Crew will walk you through how to do that.”

Whether you are cleaning and organizing and have old devices to recycle, in need of some fast cash or are ready to trade in your previous devices for newer, high-quality, brand-name devices, Device Pitstop is the place to do it all, safely and securely.

Link to Josh Frantz’s security research:


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