Go Green: 10 Easy Ways to a Greener Lifestyle

Eath Day 2021
Eath Day 2021

Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be an overwhelming undertaking- making minor everyday changes makes all the difference. Everyone can make a difference, and once small habits form, you can begin to influence others around you to do their part! Here are a few easy ways that you can be more sustainable and help fight climate change.

  1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

You can recycle glass, paper, metal and plastic all to be turned into new products to be consumed again!

  1. Say No to Plastic Bags

It’s time to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store and start bringing your own reusable bags! Reusable bags can be stylish and functional – generally fitting more products than plastic bags making it easier to bring your goods from your car to your home. 

  1. Buy Second Hand

Facebook Marketplace has amazing furniture, cars, decor, clothing, toys and more! All second hand and at a reasonable price!

  1. Donate Used Clothing and Goods

Give away your used clothing, shoes, appliances and more to shelters, charities or churches! On top of the environmental benefits of giving, you are helping others and could also receive a tax deduction.

  1. Buy From Companies Who Use Less Packaging & Recycled Packaging

Choose to shop from companies who make it their mission to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Recycled packaging and less packaging in general are small ways to help our waste. 

  1. Go for Reusable Products, Not Disposable

Things like plastic plates, cups and straws are one of the biggest causes of greenhouse emissions and reusable alternatives are available everywhere from Target to Amazon. 

  1. Skip the Bottled Water 

Go for a glass or refillable plastic water bottle instead!

  1. Recycle Your E-Waste (TV’s, Phones, Computers, etc.)

Device Pitstop pays cash on the spot for your used tech. You can also choose to have store credit to trade up to a new device from the store. Our team members can often repair and refurbish older devices so they’re like new. If your device can’t be repaired, Device Pitstop fully and properly recycles every device and component so they don’t end up in a landfill.

  1. Switch off your Lights

An easy way to save money while lowering your carbon footprint!

  1. Walk, Bike or Carpool

Spring is in full effect and the sun is here to stay. Instead of driving try to walk, bike, skate, scooter or carpool with friends when traveling to places close to you. 


Device Pitstop of Maple Grove minimizes the impact of technology on the environment by reusing devices and various parts where we can and recycling what can’t be repaired or reused.  Come in today and meet our team of experts who are excited to help you with all of your tech needs from repair to upgrades!