Do you fix cracked phone screens in Maple Grove? - Maple Grove

Do you fix cracked phone screens in Maple Grove?

It’s the number one question we get asked in our Maple Grove store. “Do you fix cracked phone screens?”  That’s because it’s the number one issue people have with their phones. 

Fix cracked phone screens Device Pitstop Maple Grove MNYou dropped your phone on a tile floor. A small child or a pet knocked it out of your hand. You put your phone on top of your car, forgot it there and drove off causing it to fly off. You were trying to prove your protective case works, threw your phone and shattered the screen. Whatever the reason your phone screen cracked (and we’ve heard ALL the reasons), it happened and yes, Device Pitstop in Maple Grove can almost always fix it.

The best time to fix a cracked screen is when the crack is small, before it spiderwebs into a shatter. But, of course, life doesn’t always hand us optimal situations. So if you bring your phone with a shattered screen into your local Device Pitstop store, we may recommend a screen replacement.

Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel – no matter your smartphone brand, our trained Pit Crew technicians will thoroughly look over your device and quickly give you a repair quote that fits your budget.

Do we fix cracked and shattered phone screens? Yes we do.

Bring your phone to your nearest Device Pitstop today and it can be as good as new ASAP!