Device Pitstop Maple Grove Versus Big Box Retailers

Sell your iPhone, smartphone, computer or laptopHave you ever dreaded trying to make an appointment at Apple or felt overwhelmed and misled at Best Buy? With Minnesota big-box retailers opening this week and in the coming weeks, we know it’s a difficult choice deciding where to bring your tech or make your next big purchase. We are going to make the decision easy for you – come to the Device Pitstop of Maple Grove for all of your technology needs. Here are seven reasons why you should skip the big box retailers and come to the DP of Maple Grove. 

  • No Lines or Appointments Necessary :  Big Box retailers like Apple and Best Buy require appointments for repairs. With slow openings and a mass amount of people trying to get a new device or fix their old model, this could lead to a long wait and hassle. We take walk-ins all day, every day. No matter what time you pop into our store, we will be there to help and accommodate you! 
  • Better Prices:  Our devices are 50-70% lower than retail prices! We guarantee our refurbished devices have been quality approved and are in pristine condition. 
  • Repair or Replace:  We can help determine if we can salvage your device or if it’s worth upgrading. Our team can access the damage that day and walk you through options that you and your budget would be comfortable with. 
  • Get Cash Today:  Let us give you cash today for your used technology! We would love to take any laptop, iPhone, or tablet off your hands. Don’t want cash? We can offer you a trade-in value as well. 
  • Friendly Atmosphere:  Our staff bleeds Minnesota Nice and midwest hospitality. You won’t find any pushy or aggressive salespeople in our storefront. Our team is here to help you in any way we can. We continuously hear that our staff are some of the best people around, and they will bend over backward to get the job done for our customers. 
  • Astounding Customer Service:  We want to see customers walk out happy- it’s as simple as that.
  • COVID Requirements:  We appreciate other large stores needing to be strict and precautious about COVID-19 but our storefront never experiences large crowds. Instead of requiring masks, we leave it up to the customer. We clean our store regularly throughout the day to ensure the health and safety of our team and customers.

Whether it’s water damage, a shattered screen or simply wanting a newer MacBook the Device Pitstop of Maple Grove does it all and we want to help! Skip the stress and wait of the larger stores and swing by today we are easily found off the Weaver Lake Road exit.