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Device Pitstop helps Minnesotans utilize technology as “hands-free” becomes law


Minnesota Handsfree Law
Device Pitstop helps Minnesotans with the new handsfree laAs of August 1, 2019, all Minnesotans will be prohibited by law from holding or handling a phone or other tech device while drivinWhy? Removing your eyes from the road and hands from the wheel to use tech devices while driving causes distraction and distracted driving kills.

In 2017, the most recent year for which data is available, there were more than 34,000 fatal vehicle crashes in the United States, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Nearly 3,000 of those could be directly tied to distracted drivers and, of those 3,000, at least 14 percent of those fatal crashes were shown to be caused by cell phone distraction.

Teens, young adults and drivers in their early 20s were the groups with the highest number of tech-related distracted driving fatalities.

Minnesota’s “hands-free” law was passed to address this and, in the hopes, that the state will follow in the footsteps of the majority of other states with hands-free laws where traffic fatalities have decreased by an average of 15 percent, according to the National Safety Council and Insurance Federation.

“The easiest way to prevent yourself from becoming distracted by devices while you’re driving is, of course, to turn your phone on silent mode and put it in a bag away from the driver’s seat,” said Brad Swenson, Vice President, Device Pitstop – an independent company based in Minnesota that repairs, upgrades, refurbishes and resells tech devices. “However, there are many easy and inexpensive solutions available to help you utilize your phone or device for calls, podcasts, music and more without your hands leaving the wheel.”

If your vehicle offers the option to use your phone through Bluetooth or your audio system, take the easy opportunity to go hands-free! If your vehicle does not have that capability, utilize an inexpensive auxiliary cable or single earphone to operate your phone by voice. Remember to use only a single earphone, however, as using earphones in both ears at the same time while driving is illegal in Minnesota.

Device Pitstop offers a vast selection of Bluetooth and auxiliary adaptors as well as a variety of crisp, clear earphones. If you’re more comfortable clipping your phone to the dash of your car to use in single-touch or voice-activated mode, Device Pitstop carries MagicMount – the best phone mounting system on the market, as well as many other mounting options.

Remember, as of August 1, 2019, if a law enforcement officer spots you in Minnesota with a phone or device in hand, you could very well be in for a ticket. But, most importantly, when you drive with the distraction of your phone in-hand, the odds vastly increase that you or another driver or pedestrian will be injured or killed. Stay safe, go hands-free. Device Pitstop makes it easy and economical.

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