Device Pitstop Maple Grove promotes careers in technology at Rogers High School

Students at Rogers High School recently participated in an “Evening of Exploration” – a career fair during which students and their parents can talk with local employers to learn about different occupations and future opportunities for careers in technology.

careers in technology rogers high schoolQuinton, a member of the Pit Crew, represented Maple Grove Device Pitstop and spoke with students about promising careers in technology.

Some of the best jobs over the next decade are tech-focused, according to the most recent projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Computer systems analysts, software systems developers, computer and IT managers and software developers are predicted to be some of the most stable and highest paying careers.

Device Pitstop has retail locations across the country where customers can shop for laptops, smartphones, tablets and other tech devices, sell or trade-in their old devices and repair everything from phones and laptops to gaming consoles and drones.

Device Pitstop has a long history collaborating with area schools to educate students about technology, entrepreneurialism and sales/marketing. We also work with several area schools to provide internships for young adults to gain hands-on work experience to prepare them for future careers.

For additional information about how Device Pitstop collaborates with educational institutions, click here.