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The best way to break your computer (and how to prevent it)

Whether you have a Mac or a PC, a desk top or a laptop, there are a lot of good ways to break your computer near Maple Grove. “Why would I want to break my computer,” you ask? No one wants a broken or glitchy computer, of course, so knowing all the issues that can arise will help if and when the time comes to repair your device.

The “blue screen of death”
If your computer runs Windows, you may be familiar with the dreaded “blue screen of death.” This is also known as a system crash and it happens when your computer can no longer operate safely. If you’ve been working on something and the blue screen of death appears, you can no longer save your work and any unsaved work can’t be recovered.

TIP: Save your work early, save your work often!

There are many reasons you could see this error, most of them involve issues with background operations, not any particular user error. Follow the instructions given on screen and, in many cases, a restart can resolve the issue. But if your blue screen of death persists, you’ll need professional help.

Heating your computer
Take a look at where you’ve placed your computer – is it near a heating vent, a radiator, a heater or fireplace? Is it up against a wall or do you hold it on your lap using a pillow or blanket as your “desk?” If any of these sounds familiar, you could be cooking your computer!

TIP: Always keep your computer on a hard, flat surface to keep vents unblocked and keep away from heat sources. If you want to break your computer, cooking it is a good way to do so!

If you suspect your computer has overheated, locate the vents on the device and try clearing them a bit using a can of compressed air. If that doesn’t help, seek professional help.

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Soaking your computer
On a related note – don’t use your computer or laptop near water or other liquids and avoid eating or drinking directly over the device. While it may seem convenient to keep your cup of coffee right next to your laptop, it won’t be so easy when you knock the cup onto the keyboard and have to deal with a soggy computer short out. When you want your computer to be toast, just spill a few glasses of water on it (just make sure it’s unplugged first).

Permanently off
You’ve hit the power button several times and now you’re panicking – your computer or laptop won’t turn on.

First, it sounds obvious, but make sure it’s plugged in – that is a direct source of power that will start charging a spent battery, if that’s the issue. If it is plugged into a power strip, make sure the switch is turned on. If neither of those is the solution, check the power cord for any visible damage. If it’s cracked or frayed, it’s time to replace the power cord.

If there’s no visible damage, or if you’ve replaced the power cord and the computer still won’t turn on, bring it to someone who can properly assess and fix the issue.

Cut off from the online world
When you can’t get online, it can seem like you’re stranded and alone in the world! And when a PC or laptop won’t connect to the internet, the reasons can be confounding. If you’re using wi-fi, you don’t need to worry about it, but if you’re wired, check to ensure all cables are connected and plugged in where they need to be. Also make sure your router is plugged in and running properly. Sometimes a simple reboot of the router does the trick.

If you’ve rebooted your computer, laptop and router and you still can’t get online, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if they’re having an outage on their end. If you call the customer service number, most ISPs will have a recorded message explaining if/where any outages are currently happening.

Still can’t get online? You could spend many frustrated hours troubleshooting or you can bring your computer or laptop in to Device Pitstop in Maple Grove where the experts can diagnose and fix the issue ASAP.

Slow, not steady
We’ve all been there, you’re trying to get something done and your computer is running maddeningly slow. If you can get to the Task Manager feature, check out which programs are running and how much CPU and memory they’re using. BUT, before you close any of the programs, make sure you know exactly what they are and what they do. You may never have heard of that program or file you’re closing and it could be vital to your operating system.

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One of the best possible ways to break your computer is to click on unknown email attachments, random pop-ups and anonymous links. Those are the top delivery methods for viruses and malware that can attack and seriously compromise your computer.

If your machine is running slowly, you’re suddenly seeing unknown error messages and program icons, you’re getting complaints about spam messages sent from your email address, you’re seeing an increase in strange pop-up ads or messages or your computer is crashing, you might have a virus or other malicious software.

TIP: Always use anti-virus software and keep up to date on scans and updates. When the software asks you to restart your machine, do so right away.

If you’re having a variety of issues with your computer or laptop and think your security might have been breached, get yourself to Device Pitstop in Maple Grove as soon as possible to avoid any further damage!

From annihilated AC adaptors to suspicious Zip files, Device Pitstop in Maple Grove can fix just about any issue with your PC and Mac computer or laptop. Bring your machine in to 13732 83rd Way North today or give us a call at 763-568-7578 to talk through your issues.