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99 percent of students need technology tools for school – what about families on a budget?

Between laptops, PCs and tablets, 99 percent of Maple Grove students from elementary school to college have technology – and much of it is required as part of the curriculum by schools, according to a recent Independent Directors Council report. The average price of these tech options when purchased new ranges from several hundred dollars […]

Need help choosing a new laptop for college?

Graduating from your Maple Grove high school, or from surrounding high schools, is a BIG deal – you’ve worked hard, you’ve participated in plenty of extracurricular activities and you’ve learned so much. But whether you’re planning on going to the University of Minnesota, an out-of-state university or community college, you will most definitely need one […]

The best way to break your computer (and how to prevent it)

Whether you have a Mac or a PC, a desk top or a laptop, there are a lot of good ways to break your computer near Maple Grove. “Why would I want to break my computer,” you ask? No one wants a broken or glitchy computer, of course, so knowing all the issues that can […]

How to recycle your electronic devices in Maple Grove

We all have it – the drawer in our home that is filled with old phones, electronics accessories and maybe even an old laptop or two, retired in our Maple Grove homes because of cracked screens or left for new upgrades. How do you safely and responsibly get rid of your old devices when you’re […]

Device Pitstop in Maple Grove is now an XFINITY-Comcast Authorized Dealer

Device Pitstop is excited to announce our new partnership with Xfinity-Comcast.  Gone are the days of having to order and manage your internet, cable and home security through a “1-800” number.  Now your trusted Device Pitstop Pit Crew, who have become your personal technology consultant, can now help you review, improve, change and generally manage […]