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RIP Windows 7. Are you (and your computer) ready?

It was fast, it was powerful, its security was robust and now it’s time to say goodbye: Windows 7 will officially reach the end of its life in January 2020. And while “mainstream” support for the operating system officially ended in 2015, many thousands of people (especially Windows 7 Pro users) still utilize it on […]

Device Pitstop of Maple Grove has Partnered with Cell Phones for Soldiers to Provide Troops With Free Calls Home

Device Pitstop of Maple Grove and nonprofit Cell Phones For Soldiers are asking Maple Grove residents to help troops call home by donating gently-used cellular phones. Although the military landscape is ever changing, as many as 200,000 troops are serving in the United States military overseas around the world. By donating to Cell Phones For […]

Fight for Your Right… Repair at Device Pitstop Maple Grove

When you bring your vehicle into a local Maple Grove repair shop, they have typically access to the necessary parts and information to repair what’s broken and return your car to you in proper working condition. You also have the ability shop around to choose where you want to bring it in the Minneapolis area. […]

Want to make a BIG difference on Earth Day? Try recycling old electronics in Maple Grove.

Device Pitstop Green Program: Recycle Your Used Devices

You may have heard that countries around the world have recently stopped processing exported recycling from America. Now, cities, such as Maple Grove, and municipalities around the country are seeking new markets for their recyclable waste. So, where “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” used to be the motto, the focus must now be on reducing and reusing. […]

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Tablet from Maple Grove Today

More than half of Americans own at least one tablet device, according to the latest information from the Pew Research Center. Why are tablets so popular and why is now the perfect time to purchase one in Maple Grove for yourself or for a gift? * Read on Sure, you can get a basic e-reader […]

Do you fix cracked phone screens in Maple Grove?

It’s the number one question we get asked in our Maple Grove store. “Do you fix cracked phone screens?”  That’s because it’s the number one issue people have with their phones.  You dropped your phone on a tile floor. A small child or a pet knocked it out of your hand. You put your phone […]