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Students: What to Do When Your Laptop Breaks

laptop repair

School is back in session – and you’re already exhausted. Chances are, your laptop or desktop is too. Even if you’ve invested in a MacBook 15” Pro with a packed RAM of 16 GB, that space fills up quickly with Zoom Meetings, study guides, and PowerPoint slides. And when you’re not running out of storage, […]

Why You Need an Expert for Chromebook Repairs

Chromebook Repairs

Getting by with a cracked Chromebook screen? Looking at every entry under “Chromebook repair near me”? Slower processing speed may be an indication of a battery issue. Or perhaps your Chrome OS has suffered severe damage and you’re now facing a total operating system reinstallation. Whatever the issue, taking your laptop to the pros may […]

Today is National Battery Day in Maple Grove – time to replace your iPhone battery?

One of the most common battery-powered devices in Maple Grove are our cell phones. And with more than 300 million mobile phones in use throughout the United States alone, that’s a lot of battery power. As many have noticed, after only a few years of use, battery life in our phones becomes just a fraction […]