99 percent of students need technology tools for school – what about families on a budget? - Maple Grove

99 percent of students need technology tools for school – what about families on a budget?

Between laptops, PCs and tablets, 99 percent of Maple Grove students from elementary school to college have technology – and much of it is required as part of the curriculum by schools, according to a recent Independent Directors Council report.

technology in schools family budget Device Pitstop Maple Grove MNThe average price of these tech options when purchased new ranges from several hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. So, when your family is on a budget, what can you do when your school requires students to have a computer or tablet?

“I’ve been looking for a laptop for college for the past few months. I really wanted to get a MacBook, but they come with quite the price tag. I figured I’d have to just end up settling for a PC, but was worried it wouldn’t do the job for the multimedia things I would be doing in pursuit of my degree,” said Jenny Cvek, Device Pitstop of Maple Grove customer. “My mom and I stopped in here just on the spur of the moment. I was able to walk out of the store with the newest version of the MacBook Pro for a little over half of what I would’ve paid for it at Best Buy. I’d recommend this place to anyone. Never buy anything retail!”


Like Jenny, countless other students and their families have discovered Device Pitstop. Each locally-owned store offers nearly every brand of previously-owned, certified laptops, PCs, tablets and more for a fraction of the price of a new device. All devices carry a certified warranty and are thoroughly tested and audited. Device Pitstop also carries factory boxed re-certified computers with a direct manufacturer warranty.

Device Pitstop Maple Grove MN Technology in schools budgetIf you have devices students and family members no longer use, Device Pitstop offers a trade-up program for cash on the spot or a trade-in store credit toward a new device.

“So many families don’t have multiple hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in the budget to purchase brand new tablets or laptops for their students,” said Brad Swenson, Device Pitstop owner. “We offer multiple options for families and students on any budget. We’re proud to be a budget-friendly and eco-friendly option – we recycle any unusable devices and keep working tech devices out of the e-waste stream.”

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