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Productivity in 2021: Apps That Work on Mobile and PC


Need to boost your productivity this year, but you’re not sure what tools to start with? We understand! There are seemingly endless productivity apps available, with almost all of them offering you the latest and greatest tools. If you’re already struggling with getting all of your work done, you definitely don’t have time to sift […]

Buying a Used Smartphone: How to Spot a Scammer

Avoid Scammers

“Gently Used,” “Pre-Owned,” and “Second-Hand” are all terms that people are typically wary of when purchasing a smartphone. But it’s not the “used” aspect of the phones that should make buyers cautious—it’s the potential scams they might face in the buying process. Quick reminder: Device Pitstop Maple Grove has smartphone buy/sell services you can trust. […]

The Scariest Tablet Repair Mistakes

iPad Repair

A broken tablet makes it impossible to work, stream, shop, or participate in social media, which quickly becomes inconvenient and frustrating for you. Even more inconvenient, though, is ignoring the problem with your tablet and allowing it to worsen before taking it to a professional. The good news is—most tablet damage is repairable and affordable, […]

How to Choose the Best Local Phone Repair Shop—And Why It’s So Important

iPhone Repair

Knowing who to call when you need smartphone repair can save you a lot of time and money. And now during quarantine, with the uncertainty of some Apple shops opening while others remain closed, the hunt for an available local phone repair shop can certainly weigh you down. Googling “repair shop near me” or “phone […]

Students: What to Do When Your Laptop Breaks

laptop repair

School is back in session – and you’re already exhausted. Chances are, your laptop or desktop is too. Even if you’ve invested in a MacBook 15” Pro with a packed RAM of 16 GB, that space fills up quickly with Zoom Meetings, study guides, and PowerPoint slides. And when you’re not running out of storage, […]

Why You Need an Expert for Chromebook Repairs

Chromebook Repairs

Getting by with a cracked Chromebook screen? Looking at every entry under “Chromebook repair near me”? Slower processing speed may be an indication of a battery issue. Or perhaps your Chrome OS has suffered severe damage and you’re now facing a total operating system reinstallation. Whatever the issue, taking your laptop to the pros may […]