Apple product launch inspires upgrades … at a fraction of retail prices - Maple Grove

Apple product launch inspires upgrades … at a fraction of retail prices

It’s Apple product launch time again – the time of year when rumors swirl, hype abounds, and iPhone, iPad, and MacBook lovers wait anxiously in Maple Grove to find out which products have been tweaked and what new features and sizes are available.

Apple product upgrade iPhone iPad MacBook Device Pitstop Maple Grove MNBut what if you’re one of the millions of people who would like an iPhone or iPad or want to upgrade your current model, but can’t spend several hundreds of dollars to do so?

No worries, you can use Apple’s product launch event as an inspiration to purchase or upgrade an Apple device right now in Maple Grove! You can even trade in your old Apple devices for cash.



Step one: Simply stop by your local Device Pitstop store.

Used Apple iPhones for sale in Maple GroveStep two: Don’t have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBook? No problem. Each Device Pitstop store has a variety in stock and we’ll help you find one that fits your unique needs, all at a fraction of the retail price. If you’ve got an older Apple device you no longer use, bring it in! A technician will take a look and offer you cash on the spot or a trade-up credit so you can upgrade.

Step three: Find the upgraded Apple device you need – iPad, iPhones, MacBook, iPod, Device Pitstop carries them all. All previously owned devices have been refurbished to the highest standards and carry Device Pitstop certification and a warranty.

Step four: Shake your head and smile sympathetically at all the people in line at the Apple store, spending so much more money on their Apple products than you did.

Come in to your local Device Pitstop store during the weekend of September 15 – 16, 2018, we’re celebrating Apple launch week with free apples! Snack while you browse our device selection and save big.