6 Things to Avoid Doing During a Virtual Meeting

Work from Home


We saw a swift and quick switch to remote working when the COVID Pandemic hit in early 2020. The amount of people working from home has reached unprecedented levels and many offices are moving to full remote work, permanently. For many of us, we have had to adapt to an entirely new work routine and lifestyle. 

While virtual meetings on Zoom, Google Meet and other platforms are not new for the masses as we come into 2021, we think it’s important to reintroduce the topic of, virtual meeting rules and etiquette. Here are six things to avoid doing while you are in your remote meeting.


We understand that arguably the biggest perk of working from home is not getting ready but would you have worn pajamas to your in-person meetings? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be showing up to meetings now with your sleep attire on. Your meeting is still a professional work event and if your video must be on, we suggest thinking about your top half carefully. 


Do not snack during your meetings! It’s unlikely that you’d whip out a bag of chips or have avocado toast ready when sitting in the office, and the same rules apply when attending a virtual meeting. Try your best to hold off until after the meeting or suggest a quick 5-10 minute break if the call exceeds an hour. If worst comes to worst, choose something quiet and small to munch on. 

Location, Location, Location!

Best case scenario is you have your own work from home office setup and you can skip this tip. But if you don’t have your own room, be aware of your surroundings and background view when you join in on a meeting. 

Mindful Talking

Do your best to not talk over others or cut anyone off mid-sentence- we know this one can be very difficult with Wifi and connection delays! Expert tip: leave a little pause before answering so don’t talk over other participants. 

Your Space

Try to be mindful of the space you have to work with. Kids and significant others/roommates should get a 5-minute warning before you click your meeting link. This helps eliminate distractions for you and your coworkers who can hear and see your space. Relating to your location, if you can shut a door this is the time!

Sit Still

Last but not least, getting up and walking around during a meeting can be perceived as disrespectful and unattentive. If you do need to move for whatever reason, turn off your speaker or video and quickly get your package, pet, whatever it may be.

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